What Next for France’s ‘Yellow Vests’? | Dispatches

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What Next for France’s ‘Yellow Vests’? | Dispatches
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What Next for France’s ‘Yellow Vests’? | Dispatches
Protesters invited us to visit, we weren’t exactly expecting this, the same scene again and again. The Julie, Chao ellevest, occupying traffic circles in the countryside, as others passed by they stand their ground through the night, singing cooking Define the cold president safai Street week. Protesters have been returning to the streets of Paris and grew into against President Emmanuel macron to the demands he halted. The fuel tax and increase the minimum wage multiples of 16 – the demonstrations diminished, but they haven’t stopped so we cater to app what are their outstanding demands and can this leaderless Grassroots movement deliver them? Many told us that to really see what’s driving them here, we needed to leave the city did the center of the French Countryside. The heart of the yellow vest movement is here in these isolated Outpost, the people from Frances forgotten Corners are BC, they’ll do whatever it takes to make themselves heard many people of different ages, professions and Views. Inclusiveness is the movement strength and its weakness like when it comes to articulating what they stand for. We are a host of grievances, but no unified message not far from here. We need another yellow vest the movement bully Potions, lyrics Young focuses on networking in Paris. He warns that if the movement doesn’t evolve into an organized political force, that I can survive, whatsoever. and any form of leadership oceans without engaging in politics, when is a caregiver, she helped build this Outpost after she joined the movement in October. Will you stay through the winter? What exactly are you waiting for a vector in the play, some music? What are their Community, but their days may be numbered. The government has already started cracking down dismantling Outpost like this one. They risk returning home with nothing but their grievances.
For five weeks, demonstrators have marched in Paris and beyond, staging a nationwide rebellion against President Emmanuel Macron. We went to the French countryside, where the movement began, to find out whether the leaderless campaign could win longstanding changes.

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