What the Florida Governor’s Race Could Tell Us About 2020 | NYT News

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What the Florida Governor’s Race Could Tell Us About 2020 | NYT News
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What the Florida Governor’s Race Could Tell Us About 2020 | NYT News
Florida retirement party central Little Haiti Little Havana estate with elections so close their legendary and in 2018 Florida is living up to it. Mutation with a tight governor’s race, catering to political, extreme, a lefty mayor from Tallahassee Florida, blue versus a trump loving former congressman where the state and maybe even the country, are headed in 2020. So who are the candidates? This is the Democratic mayor Andrew Gillum, people. For surprise victory in the primary beating out six other candidates, inspiring backstory he’s one of seven Kids, the first to graduate from high school and college youngest person ever elected to the Tallahassee City. Commission Gillam could be Florida’s first black governor, even securing cartoon cameos in music videos up in some controversy and ongoing corruption probe since you’ve been there Ron. Desantis give me the name for himself by appearing on Fox News. A lot DeSantis, a self-described conservative Warrior has impressed many Republicans, including Trump. You got served in the military. The Sanchez went to Congress in 2012, but recently resigned, so he can focus on his campaign. He’S also had some stumbles like when he said this about Gilliam the morning after the primaries. Take it with spokesman, for those far-left thing we need to do is to Monkey the sub herbal care act to moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem, increases and so-called Sanctuary cities. You might be the most liberal candidate for governor in Florida history. He wants to overhaul ice, raise the minimum wage fight. The NRA polls show that both messages are getting pretty good reception in Florida, so yeah. Of course, the Reese’s neck-and-neck
What will a heated race in Florida tell us about America’s future?

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