What the Green Party byelection win means for federal election | Power & Politics

What the Green Party byelection win means for federal election | Power & Politics
What the Green Party byelection win means for federal election | Power & Politics
The federal green party is calling it a new era in Canadian politics in last night’s by-election in Nanaimo BC. It’S caucus double from one seat to to Green Party candidate. Paul Manley will now join later Elizabeth May in the House of Commons 8 years after her here’s. How the results breakdown, manly topaz, 37 % of the vote? The conservatives followed with 25 %, the NDP which previously held this riding with Sheila Malcomson, who was in the MP. There came third with 23 % and the Liberals find with 11 % and here’s how some party leaders and MP3 acted fairly strong in that area, and and so it’s not a surprise that they’d they performed well. But I would say that by-elections historically are very different. National general elections wearing by-elections people are choosing who is going to be the government. They wanted to see some strong action on climate change. Yesterday was a clear signal: again: Justin Trudeau, flip flop, all the time on those environmental issues and he paid a huge price in 6 months from now, please fashion always gets ass. Can you translate that two more seats federally and now today the answer is clearly yes, so what led to the green Victory and can the party as live is Elizabeth May point at repeat the success in the upcoming federal election? Is the green party’s new mplx, Fernando laces, and he joins me now from Nanaimo by FaceTime? I, mr. manly, gracious to you. Congratulations on your win, really appreciate your time today. I want to start off by something that they release the Green Party Beast after your win. In the statement, it said that this is the dawn of a new era of federal politics. You agree with that statement and if so, what does it mean serious about climate change and it also shows to voters across Canada – and we seen this actually in other jurisdictions like that – you actually can get what you want in a representative and it policies that the You want for moving this country forward, we’re just going to work hard at getting our message out about what the Green Party stand for on a one-issue party, but we have 130 pages of policy, that’s available of the Green Party. Just getting that message out that we, we have a broad range of policy to deal with a wide range of issues and we are serious about climate change. Federal seen around what role the federal government should play. Should there be a carbon tax and if so, what is the right price for that price on carbon or carbon tax? Whatever you want to call it? What are your thoughts on that Sideshow to be arguing over the price of Carmen? What we need is two for the federal government and the provincial governments to stop subsidizing the fossil fuel industry to the tune of billions rocking in the northeastern, giving 5 multinationals that call themselves LNG Canada, massive tax breaks. You know the government subsidizing this to this industry. This fossil fuel industry and telling consumers that we need to change our habits. You know we need to change our light bulbs in our shower heads. I saw that environment Minister, going through Canadian Tire. I change my light bulb to a long time ago. You know changing home energy retrofit by 2050. That’S not a bold plan. I did my first home energy retrofit in 2004, built in 1910 and turn it into an energy star. I’Ve done my part. I need the government to step up and take climate change seriously and that’s why Iran and that’s what I’m going to go to Ottawa to hammer away at. We need to to deal with this issue properly. What do you say to people who are employed by the sectors that you named it? I take your point, but like people in the oil patch in Alberta, people employee that through LNG, for example, both directly and indirectly, that people with those skills are getting jobs in renewable energy. Mute. The energy Minister there has said is that the there’s three times as many jobs and they’re all good paying jobs, and so you know people that work in those it in those Industries we’re going to have fossil fuel Industries for for a while transition. But those people have skills that can be utilized energy economy. We need to set priorities, as government and politicians need to have the political courage to make these changes. We know we’re we’re we’re not going to get it done in a lot of places. The market is deciding outcomes in past Federal elections. There has been a struggle to do so. Obviously, things appear to have changed and I’m wondering, though, what you would identify as the the biggest challenges heading into the federal election for your party. If you are a toucan, but we aren’t what we have seen as an object in popular support to actual the efficiency of the vote, you know what what we’re doing in in ridings across Canada and building the ground teams. You know so. We’Ve seen winds and in Guelph Brunswick, British Columbia and the teams that are put to weather for those electoral races are gaining skills and abilities and getting the message out and building communities around our team. Here in Nanaimo Ladysmith in 2015, we had the closest forward erase in Canada, and I tripled the green party support, but we did was attracted a whole bunch of volunteers to to our campaign and I’m sure the end. It was incredible, so this about building Community, asked about getting people together to work on these campaigns and and using the skills to back candidates who are known in the community record in the community as hard workers. And that’s what I have in this community and I think that then greens can win. We have a solid vision for where we need to go with this country. Back in 2015, the greens placed fourth in this riding down in Emily to Nanaimo 3 Ladysmith represents their second seat in Parliament. Here’S where things stand now in the House of Commons. The Liberals, of course, have the majority. With 177 out of 300 38 total seats, the conservatives hold 97 seats, the new Democrats have 41 and the block 10, as we said, Elizabeth May of the green party, will now have a seatmate. Meanwhile, People’s Party of Canada, leader Maxime Bernier, is also the party’s sole MP4 Morandi P & P Aaron Weir affiliates with the Cooperative Commonwealth Federation. Plus there are seven independent and peas and two seats remain vacant as we look ahead to the next election. What does the screen win? Tell us, or could it be an isolated event? Does it represent a potential shift? Canada’S political landscape joining us to discuss from Vancouver is the executive director of the Angus Reid Institute of Shashi curl in studio, I’m joined by CBC pulled. Analysts are grainy and the CEO of Abacus data, David Collette, Ohio’s, review cassia guys said she going to start with you, because I was just discussing with that with the guys here that I noted how jagmeet Singh and Justin Trudeau had identical reactions to this, which was This shows us that people are worried about climate change. What is really all this? A lot more than that climate change increasingly as a top issue, especially Fury younger voter in this country, if your under the age of 35, this is hands-down the top issue for you at today in Canada, less so, if you’re an older voter. Big surprise. However, what this says is: yes, Canadians are at increased, only worried about climate change, but also that they are looking at into the greens is the only party that really owns that file or hasn’t Hands Clean on that file, and I mean part of that owes to The fact that they’ve never held government before so they haven’t had a chance to disappoint any or let anybody down. But when you think about the Liberals, particularly on the climate change file, they are the ones that try to bring forward carbon pricing and really running into a hard time with a lot of premiers across western Canada and parts of the country. As a result of it. There trying to make the case that if you want a government that is pro carbon pricing, is pro climate change, remediation or reduction. You got to vote liberal, but of course there is this little thing call the pipeline, and there is this little thing like Marine tanker. At traffic off the coast of British Columbia – and those are things particularly in this province, but if you are a green voter that that has really busted the brain among the Liberals and now Elizabeth me is able to make the case that if you vote green, it’s Not necessarily a wasted vote, it’s actually a vote that could come to pass and terms of electing some politicians either in your Province or at the federal level. Even your hat.. I had a lot of data that came out today that looked at looked at her popularity of all the all the parties, as well as their leaders. When you saw the result last night, did it drive with what you were saying and then important numbers that we released today was the percentage of Canadians who would consider voting for the green party and its hit its highest level? We’Ve ever been tracking at 40 %. So it’s still below all the other major parties, but four out of 10 Canadians now say they are old. The voting for The Green Party Elizabeth May is now the only Federal leader that has more people who, like her than dislike her and the green party while and I’m not breaking through with with huge numbers in the ballot question, are at 9 %. We are one point behind the new Democrats and Quebec at 10 % and are doing quite well right across the country, so there seems to be. I think, at least in the numbers evidence that the greens are connecting the people are paying maybe more attention, and I think tonight’s result will add fuel to that fire in that momentum, that I think the greens have. I really been building since the PTI election since the New Brunswick election and an even the Ontario election when they won their first provincial MPP there. So this is, please, consider the green party, the popular support necessarily into seats all the time and in order that they even serve acknowledge that off the top of the show. This is a bialek, not not the federal election. Is there a sort of a note of caution in there earlier this year at the Greene a lot worse than it done in the previous provincial election, because of their voters knew that voting out? The NDP would potentially put the John Corrigan’s government at risk factor that will play in the federal election, because if the numbers don’t get much better for the Liberals, I think we’re going to hear the Prime Minister say things like you can vote for the greens. If you know it might make you feel good, but it might end up collecting Andrew Scheer as the Prime Minister and then you won’t get any of the progress you would like on climate change, see that they’ll have to go unless their number search improve, and that Is a very cynical at the Mormon negative strategy, which also opens up an opportunity for the greens who have in some parts of the country like in Atlantic. Canada emphasized that they do politics differently, that they’re going for cooperation, collaboration and so now lives with me will be able to say as a dimension that you can actually vote for greens and elect greens rise in the past. That was a bit of a it. Was a it was a claim that wasn’t backed up any proof, because no one had been electing greens anywhere other than Elizabeth Maison. C10. 15. The only other green politician that had been elected was a New Brunswick. So now there’s there’s almost a two dozen greens across the country and you can imagine no to make a parallel to the 2011 election where Jack Layton match came out of nowhere. Official opposition – I’m not suggesting Elizabeth May’s anywhere near that level of support, but until a wave happens we don’t really know what’s coming until it does, and that’s where I think, when you look at the data it does suggest a path is starting to open up for You have large group of Voters, majority of the country who are seriously concerned about climate change. At the same time, there’s a growing number who are disappointed with the behavior of the performance of the Prime Minister and what his government is doing. And so, as this pain seems to get more and more nasty as the two main leaders go after each other and try to basically makes each other so unacceptable to each other two to the rest of the country that it leaves an opening for the veteran leader Of the before the 5, if you could Max Bernier, hey guys, why don’t you put down the swords and let’s work together to solve the problem that we really should be focused on, and I do think it was of me: has that chance they’re not going to Be as much money they’re not going to have his well-known candidates, but no one knew who half the NDP caucus was before they were elected at night in 2011. Andy P, right now! Well, this isn’t good news for the NDP. I take a slightly different view from Eric’s, in that I don’t think this was just a matter of Voters in and I’m a lady Smith saying well, this is byelection doesn’t mean very much. I think this was play a repudiation of the political class in this country and when we talked about the political parties, we know through the disapproval, numbers that we’re seeing for Justin, Trudeau, that there is an absolutely visceral outrage among lot of people, not just on the Right-Of-Center, but on the left of center political Spectrum for just furious with the trudel Liberals, would Justin Trudeau and particularly that they have not been particularly enamored of what they say would just need something other hand here. You’Ve got Elizabeth May she’s been around for a dozen years. There is a comfort factor now in a familiarity factor that she is able to capitalize on, in the same way that Ed Broadbent was able to do in 80, 4. After having been a leader of the NDP since the mid-seventies he’s now so that they become familiar faces on the campaign Trail and and particularly, not necessarily threatening faces on the campaign Trail and Jack Layton, when he had that orange Raven 2011 was also somebody that people Slowly got to no overtime, so there is a repudiation of the political class. That’S not good news for either the NDP and just needs thing or Justin, Trudeau and the Liberals, and there’s also just a time now where Elizabeth May submit like signs of Faith. They’Ve had enough time to build up their base or Their audience she’s had time to build up her face in audience in a way that hasn’t felt like it was all this pressure on her around making a mess or putting a foot wrong, and we seen her Campaign very effectively over several elections, because she didn’t have that pressure on her, and that is something that Canadians warm up to that she’s. The only leader is David’s pointed out that to be more approved of at than any of the other federal leaders on the political scene today, right now and that’s significant and it really. I think I shows that, of course, all things being equal nobody’s, pulling out there snow, globes and and and taking them around and seeing what this means exactly for October, but she has an opportunity. The big question is: can she capitalize on it predict how how what what voters will do in October few surprises on Election Day, not to say that you see the campaign changes over that for five week., Where things stand at the beginning is not where they end Up one of them factors over Elizabeth may, I don’t think we should retrospectively give her a lot of credit for the progress of green that made. I think that the provincial parties that actually boost brand pretty significantly in a way that we saw with the new Democrats in 2015 when Rachel notley won that election in Alberta. Suddenly Tamil care started looking a lot better, but he was benefiting from it on that. She does have she’s always had some decent personal approval ratings. That suggest that Canadians have felt pretty good about her. But if you look at the track record of the last two elections, it’s been there for the greens dropping when they drop to the lowest in 15. Richest athlete in The Wiz four terms kept on making progress for the NDP, so this is going to be an opportunity for her to take advantage of that space. That’S opening up and whether she is able to actually deliver on it. I think that’ll be the big test because 2015, the NDP have that opportunity and they squandered it. So the greens have that chance. We have two lives with me, and this will be her fourth campaign as leader to actually take advantage and deliver on it and make some gains across the country and approach, maybe that official party status. That really should, like a word from you, David as we look towards the election today, and I think, regardless of what the ballots are saying and how big the conservative is, yesterday’s results and then I’ma Ladysmith DVD impact of the snc-lavalin Scandal. There’S no doubt that the political landscape has been reset to where it was at the end of 2018 crazy just four months ago. How do we even predict where is going to be 5 months from now? So if it does show how fluid Things Are? I vote for the greens of the wasted vote. It’S a vote for Andrew Scheer and Elizabeth me being able to say actually guys guess what not necessarily it could be a vote for the greens. Let’S see how saleable and how credible those arguments proved to be with voters who, again, together in 2015, under the liberal Banner under Justin Trudeau, in order to stop Stephen Harper this time, they’re very fractured they’re looking for Alternatives there, so the bleeding all over the place. But see where they lock in and who they lock in behind and paste. This is what make fun season. 4, no kidding all right. Thank you very much., Three of you. Thanks to shoddy curl, David coleto and Eric gagne green party Member of Parliament, today, Prince or rather reinforcement in the form of Paul Manley is coming. How significant is the green party’s win in the 900 Ladysmith by election last night time, of course, for the power panel? In Vancouver for more conservative cabinet ministers, Tiffany gooch Canada is in Toronto, and here with me and Studio political commentator and former NDP MP Francois and a former green party Deputy leader and former Ottawa city councilor and David chernyshenko, also author of burning School sign, says hello. Everybody nice at David, welcome to the power panel. I’M going to start off with you when you read into this. When I ran on two different occasions federally and the number of people who said I really wanted to vote Queen. I almost voted for you. You were the best candidate, you were the best of the debate, but it was always a but and at a certain point, when people feel that you can win, there’s the sudden see change or shift, and I think that’s certainly what happened here. Where were someone who had come forth, a relatively recently suddenly wins, and I think that’s a sense that people across the country., Not an every riding but in any place across the country, are really feeling like. It is time for something different, and it did this back and forth between other parties cashews a tree matter today. It’S not working. Do you think if you were looking at 6 months from now towards the federal election you be watching to see something other than the normal occur Ben in Parliament is a good day and so congrats to listen, May and also to a mr. Manley, the candidate there. Bad day for the Liberals have to say they came forth and a bad day for the NDP. This is traditionally been theirs for you, no going back about 50, with a couple of minor exceptions, for instance, when the Kami lines run their 2,000 just had to get that in a devastating for the other party’s. Here’S an interesting angle that I think is going to develop and maybe problematic. However, for Elizabeth, because mr. manly, who won there in 2015, he wanted to run for the NDP and they disallowed him to show up as a candidate because of alleged anti-israel bias and so that now he switches over and runs for the green and get selected. You put that, together with Elizabeth May’s position on supporting a resolution which would take away the charitable status of a major Canadian Jewish agency. Add to that with Andrew Shearer said today about support move the embassy to Jerusalem. So there’s going to be some clear fault lines that are really showing up here and that’s going to develop into some interesting debate and also some interesting votes, but clearly a win for the greens here, Taco poinsettia for the NDP the Liberals even to a certain degree, The conservatives, what what does this mean you’re look at who might benefit? Who who won’t? What would you take away from it? I mean the Prime Minister and junk connect today and said this isn’t a bad thing and I’m paraphrasing, but that’s basically the shows that people are serious and have serious concerns about climate change that really all it shows. I think it definitely shows that it shows that there’s a value that said those voters standing up for – and I think that’s the one that’s supposed to those parties – would feel that they are good on and want to be able to to to show that there’s a Win in this for them, but I think the Liberals didn’t necessarily expect to win this fight election, but I would say that the NDP May house – and I think that this is it a different day – would say for Jake Meats in for for Justin Trudeau. His team was fully out in DC for the last while running his by-election, so I think there may have been an expectation that organization lay on the ground. They could have been doing better. On the other side of this, the greens usually would Target very specific writings during an election and have candidates everywhere. So I think, there’s going to need to be a bit of a conversation about what which ones are likely to Target and end the Groundswell of support that they’re thirsty. I do think that there’s momentum here that they’ll be able to continue to grow on doubling of a caucus. It’S a big deal and congrats to Elizabeth May and mr. manly. I think, on on this Elizabeth has a lot of room to grow. She now isn’t the only member to meet with stakeholders come unto the hell, she’s able to sort of grow out her capacity for communications, and I think at this point big Winfred for The Greens at I think, a bigger loss. I pay for the NDP and it was sort of interested between the house and eat and the conservatives are going to Dubai. I have a party going from fourth place. The first places is, it is a big deal and one of quantify that from because they have the numbers here and it’s a by-election. So it’s a bit different than Jonathan Wilkinson off the top of the show said: people vote a bit differently if they don’t think they’re voting to it, who stays in power who doesn’t still in 2015 between now and 2015. In this by-election, the NDP lost over 14,000 votes, the Liberals lost over twelve thousand votes, the conservatives lost over 6,000 votes and the greens gained more than 1,000 pose how to say, but the NDP has a first of all. It says a lot of things about all the parties and it was fascinating to see how it unfolded, because this morning, to just say that it it. It is heading to the fact that people are Into Climate Change. I think it’s oversimplifying what happened last night, if, if it was just that, if it had, if we didn’t live PD, I not too long ago, if we didn’t live New Brunswick, not too long a if we didn’t live, what’s going on not too long ago, where The greens were showing pretty strong and they already so there’s a mix. I think at 4 for the results. There’S a mix of yes, Vancouver in that area being very pro-environment, climate change being one of their Remain the main topic. But at the same time it’s it’s saying allowed message to the NDP that they might not be the party on the Progressive side that could replace the Liberals. It’S saying a lot about the government and waiting which is supposed to be the conservatives who are leading in the polls that they lost. So many as so many votes. It’S it’s a s***. It’S saying it speaks volume on the Liberals if they aspired to keep their government needs to keep a lot of seats in BC. So there’s a lot of narrative there to tell Elizabeth me that the job is not done it right now was one writing. They’Ll be 338 writing up for grab at the next election. I think she should go read the book from Bryan top when he said what was the key for the NDP to move from a distant all. We, like you and you know we think, butts and all those butts that I heard also in 2008. So I don’t think you can be the boss and we shall we could, but it takes almost a perfect storm. It takes a perfect situation. People are fed up. We hear it everyday so if the leaders want to put it on climate change lucky then, but if they’re missing the point, so I think she’ll I shall have to be having or act together or candidates act together, also make sure that she vets everybody and she Doesn’T get any surprise because we’ll take her more seriously at the next and have some great candidate in very specific areas, not to form government, but maybe to be the balance of power David? Do you think this is more complicated than just being about climate change? But what we’re seeing I believe now is people they are translating their values into their vote for the longest time we watch the polls. We would hear it out on the hustings. These things really matter to me by the ballot question is going to be this. What we are seeing is that this million species lost per year. I figured that came out yesterday and that very frightening reports. We are seeing people really feeling like how long can I put off and which party is best suited to tackle those issues. So the green party has never being just about the environment, but that’s clearly the strength and the Rays own debts performing in the first place, and I think what you’re really saying now is people saying we gave every other party the benefit of a doubt and they Failed on this critical issue in the issue is become critical. It’S going to only be more self, so I’m willing now to put my vote with a party that I actually trust you understand these issues going to take them very seriously. I think it is it’s bigger than climate change and they, I think it’s bigger than the Nanaimo. I think that’s a lot of logo. That was something that I always believed in and but you also want to win the seat, so identify what those are and try and put your your just drank, store forces in place there spell by subscribing to the CBC News, Channel or click the link for another Video thanks for watching
Green Party Leader Elizabeth May says the Green victory in the Nanaimo–Ladysmith byelection shows that the growing level of support for the party can actually translate into more seats in Parliament.
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