What The Hell Was That? The Sopranos 20 Years Later

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What The Hell Was That? The Sopranos 20 Years Later
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What The Hell Was That? The Sopranos 20 Years Later
I haven’t heard a new question about The Sopranos in a long time. I’M sorry, I think, about The Sopranos cold being out on set in the cold. What I done anything differently with the ending of the show. It’S so doesn’t feel like it’s 20 years. I have to say I mean I was just shocked, Sopranos with the beginning of a particular genre. You know it’s complicated if they are and that you can care about his family. Just a reminder that we are rooting for a monster. I mean before The Sopranos TV was largely about providing answers. Think about the set-up. Punchline cases that got solved before the last commercial break in a cop show I’ve been good and ambitious shows on television before the dead. Is it show that pondering questions that don’t have need answers can be satisfying to you know I’ve been working with the government rights home trained viewers in a way to learn, be okay with being a little confused. He was a fish that talk, for God sake. You can walk a very tricky line when you start to do things like alucinacion things that appear that don’t really exist. That can be a Jumping. The Shark situation. Out of the show it just added another dimension. What we learned is that people want to be challenged in that way. I don’t know I think people are smarter than we give them credit for the way I always felt about working at the bar, and I think I did it. Everybody wanted to talk about all the reviews were extremely positive, except for one.. I thought what is this? It was just constant constantly happening. You know like wondering what might happen next in the next day. People would talk about it, we’re in a different time now like. If you have five hours, you could sit and watch you know, majority of it is now, and here it is quite fathom the experience of that, of a viewer of our roof of the fan of the show, I feel kind of like how I wish I could Can I eat after Torah was a dear friend of mine and it who played Janice on the show a couple of summers ago. We decided to sit down and watch the series cuz. There are many. We both hasn’t seen him. We got four episodes in you can do it it’s just too evocative. First of all – and we were all so young when we first started it, and the kids were, I think, 11 and 14, and we’ve worked on it for 10 years, and they were so little, and it was so emotionally turbulent course brings us to the ending of The Sopranos, arguably the most famous thing about the show when people say to me about the any. So what the hell is that I know pretty much what you doing a lot of people angry and sometimes I couldn’t believe that it was that important people. I would have done anything differently with the ending of the show. It was no way to make everybody happy with the end of that show no way, and I love that people were left with their own uncomfortability about this. They weren’t being force-fed. That’S not always easy.
Twenty years after the series debuted, Edie Falco and David Chase talk about how the show changed television. Oh, and about that ending…

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