What the Pipe Bomb Suspect’s Van Tells Us | NYT – Visual Investigations

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What the Pipe Bomb Suspect’s Van Tells Us | NYT – Visual Investigations
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What the Pipe Bomb Suspect’s Van Tells Us | NYT – Visual Investigations
Authorities believe that this is the man who’s been setting pipe bombs to critics of President Trump. They arrested him in Southern Florida. They also impounded his van, which is full of decals. They depict a range of subjects. Most obvious are images in support of President Trump. To pick the him as heroic, also prominent are decals railing against notable liberals, former presidents and the media. Several people featured on this image, those who recently received explosive devices in the mail. Another frequent theme relates to Native Americans. That’S even though one of the suspects relatives told the times the family has no Native American Heritage. This Pacific collage matches one on if you were to a trump rally in 2017, he’s also holding signs railing against CNN one of the recent pipe bomb targets. Several other images are displays of American patriotism and some suggests that the suspect is either a better himself or a vocal supporter of veterans. This photograph from his van was taken at a Navajo Veterans Memorial in Arizona. It seems to have been taken from a local news site into other places. We see mockups of fictitious Isis hunting permits. Decals are tied to music, abortion-rights and youth soccer. The van was quickly covered after the suspects, arrest and finally driven away.
Federal law enforcement officials seized the van of Cesar Sayoc Jr., who was arrested in connection with the wave of bombs sent to prominent Democrats and critics of President Trump. Here’s why the van could be key to the investigation.

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