What Theresa May faces now – BBC News

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What Theresa May faces now – BBC News
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What Theresa May faces now – BBC News
But this is been confirmed. It will be a vote of no confidence in the Prime Minister this evening that has been confirmed by the only source. That knows these things. 48 letters have been reached, the will be the first phase and leadership challenge against the prime tonight’s. Not just a few minutes ago, 5 minutes ago. Door came the chief with always having seen the Prime Minister this morning that he left in the car very quickly didn’t say anything at all, but clearly that uses no go through the Prime Minister husband. As far as I’m aware, she will never face this challenge that we have to be absolutely clear about this straightaway that, when this happens, that is a of no confidence in the Prime Minister amongst all of them.. It takes 48 to trigger it. Britax 158 MPS to vote for no confidence. The Prime Minister have the Power Ranger party before she is hosted. If she wins this vote tonight, she will be safe in her job here number time for another year. If she loses conservative leadership contest, but if she loses this fultz, then she will have to step aside as prime minister once a leadership contest is arranged. The fields are open for other candidates to join the. We know that I will pleasure of empty interested in the job, then happiness they go through a series of hustings of meetings. Fishing at a case to the fella went he’s the fellow in peace with then, which of the two final two once you reach the final to the membership as a whole can get to decide who the next conservative leader this, but of course, but also decide who The next prime minister is that we should bear in mind that dating Street are saying today. This will undermine the prime minister of negotiations with the European Union, but also because there’s no-one clear, the whole process unlock 629. So what they’re saying is that that would increase the risk of No Deal or No Deal brexit. So, as far as we’re concerned, she looks so she’s prepared to fight on, but to warn them risk bracelet itself if they try to Oster and she is going to have to take on a ferry but she’ll always have people behind their other on-site, allegedly office.
UK Prime Minister Theresa May will face a vote of no confidence in her leadership later on Wednesday.

The vote will be held from 1800 BST and close at 2000 BST.

The threshold of 48 letters of no confidence was reached early Wednesday morning triggering the ballot

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