What to expect from Andrew Luck this preseason

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What to expect from Andrew Luck this preseason
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best I’ve felt in a long long time I’m really really excited for this Camp so I can assure you this no it’s more exciting than I am and no one you know no one cares more about it than I do there are steps that I will have to take I feel really really good about where I am now and I better I owe it to myself to stand your week now whenever I talk to you guys next and have him prove he was he hasn’t done any of this this was a huge milestone for him in this road back from this dramatic shoulder Saga that he’s had for the past few years I think this was a huge step and he still got 6 weeks to really refine his game play in the preseason and get sharper you can do that and it’s just a matter of how far he comes but he’s a well on his way back in my opinion so the expectation is he will play some in the preseason not any more than usual I think it would be handled as if this were status for Andrew and terms of preseason preparation I think the plan is to get him as much work as possible and then also Factory in days off he’s going to take one day off probably every 4 days really bad it’s just a maintenance program and schedule that he’s going to be on throughout the season but clearly when you add into watts to that equation that changes things the question though is where is clearly very very close quarterback they hope he can be and this it really now becomes a question of how far can he come or the regular season it’s going to take time he does have enough
SportsPulse: From Indianapolis Colts camp, IndyStar’s Stephen Holder details the plan for Andrew Luck this preseason and how much you can anticipate he will play this August.

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