What We Can Learn About George HW Bush From His Socks | NBC News Signal

What We Can Learn About George HW Bush From His Socks | NBC News Signal
I’M J Fielding on the editor-in-chief of Esquire magazine, George Bush’s that he really did have a personality in and thinking about him particular, I think they say different things about him at different times in his life when he was vice president, but later when he became president. He was a guy who, like to wear colorful socks. I think that you have made him that kind of guy that we all know. That’S that would otherwise be probably very intimidating and hard to approach the socks with a one thing where you could see that since a few he had and the desire that he had to kind of not just beer stiff in a suit who was running country and Free World cuz he got older. He could do that thing that only kind of admired grandfather’s can do right. He told his my daughter and I am a sock man. I think that’s a direct quote once he was the ability to the point where he had to be in a wheelchair after he started taking the particular interest in the message that is, Sox would give to the world, and he did certain things with the socks, whether It was election day wearing socks that said, go vote on days that certain football teams that he followed her baseball teams did he follow play wearing those socks. I think that that was just part of like revealing more about who he was then then he could ever have done before, and we all know about how secret he was, and it here was a little bit of a thing of that. It was revealing something about his personal life and it’s personal pace. I think that’s, maybe by some. So many people have noticed this. What he was trying to say with some of the socks that he also had a political message. I’M thinking particularly of the time that he wore the socks and the Clinton space, and I think one could interpret that as an expression of the possibility that belief that men from two very different platforms, agendas, please all the saints can still become great friends – is a Fascinating thing that we’ve gotten to a point where I think the expression of the presidency is one of the managerial class and I think it’s because we place especially at this moment in time song interest in class and background and privileged. So you can’t look like your clothes say: you went to some place that no one else could go or come from a family that had more money than anyone else. I think you just have to look pretty bull and a kind of global dark suit. White shirt way right when you see the G20, almost every one of them, look like they got the same. Exact suit had to do them that morning to put on – and you are George HW Bush – I do prod. By far I mean there’s no doubt about it. I have more than one drawer and I’m talking about a big, deep drawer and there are no silly motifs on them YouTube channel, subscribe by clicking on that button down here and click on any of the videos over here to watch. The latest interview show highlights and digital exclusive thanks for watching
This week the nation said goodbye to George H.W. Bush. Otherwise a conservative dresser, the former president was a self-described “sock man.” Bush frequently sported colorful patterns and logos on his socks, but in later years he used his signature garment to convey a message. Esquire Editor-in-Chief Jay Fielden stopped by to break down what 41’s socks said to the world.
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What We Can Learn About George HW Bush From His Socks | NBC News Signal

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