What’s at stake as Paul Manafort’s trial begins

Moore on the Paul manafort trial which starts today it’s the first stemming from Robert Mueller’s probe into Russian interference in the 2016 US election while the charges have nothing to do with possible collusion by the Trump campaign the trial could have a big impact on investigation suffer more on what’s at stake for Paul manafort and what it means for the Mueller investigation we are joined by CDC Washington correspondent Keith bow Keith What is manafort strategy here he is on trial facing life in prison what do you think he’s going to do here well every indication so far has been that he intends to fight this for as long and as hard as he can’t he’s actually facing charges in separate the restrictions Virginia and Washington DC if you would have to win acquittal into trials against the mountain of evidence but he’s evidently decided he would rather do that he would rather spend his money and take his time fighting these charges then cooperate with Mueller investigation and tell them what he might about the Trump campaign involvement with Russia it’s it’s it’s a Gambit it’s a big risk because the evidence against him is strong its documentary evidence stop witness testimony and we seen other people big names associated with the Mueller investigation and Donald Trump we’ve seen them flip we’ve seen them cooperate with Mueller Flynn Gates whynot manafort the trial begin but I spoke to a former Federal prosecutor yesterday who’s being in this kind of cases many many times over many many years and he said it is a surprise that manafort has has gone this far but it doesn’t that he has forsaken any possibility that he might Indian cooperate with Mueller in fact is former prosecutor said he bet that’s what the way this is all going to turn out for the time being that why not take a chance you know if the alternative is life in prison why not face why not face the trial and see if I can beat it in Virginia and then beat it in Washington DC and if I can’t then maybe I’ll talk to him okay well no this case was uncovered the case against manafort was uncovered during the Mueller investigation Mueller focusing on Russian meddling in the 2016 US election but the charges against manafort don’t mention Russia at all right cancel type wire fraud bank fraud tax evasion that sort of thing money-laundering so on and I think the important thing to remember about this is very minor detail perhaps it’s documentary evidence that they have against him again witness testimony that makes it for a very strong case it means that mother is a very manafort is in a position to be a very strong witness for my Lord should he decide in the end he’s not going to win this case we might as well know this case doesn’t have anything to do with Russia collusion yet but of course matterport was Trump’s campaign manager for while he was in that meeting that we really don’t know what happened there when Donald Trump jr. and manafort another obvious with the campaign met with Russians during the election campaign but the case against him is really strong that if he is convicted he’s going to prison for the rest of his life and that is one chance to see his grandkids grow up might be to cooperate or we’ll be to cooperate with the Mueller investigation I don’t think so I think that would be unusual in this case it’s hard to know what their defense is going to be I can’t stress often enough that documentary evidence is a hard thing to to fight in court I mean if the evidence is that he received this amount of money and that he paid this amount of tax on it or no tax on it or not as much as he should on it it’s hard to refute that kind of thing when it’s all written down on on you know notarized paper that people are going to testify is it’s a true the 94th manages finances that’s a tough tough case to be
Paul Manafort, Donald Trump’s former campaign chair, is on trial related to various financial crimes. CBC’s Keith Boag explains what’s at stake for Manafort and the link to Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian meddling.

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