What’s at stake for Canada in the Hong Kong protests?

What’s at stake for Canada in the Hong Kong protests?
What’s at stake for Canada in the Hong Kong protests?
International Airport bring boil over as the Hong Kong airport cancels flights for second day signs, calling out police brutality and calling for democracy protesters block passengers from the security check-in. This is a major International Airport and a Transit hub for many flights. The impact is huge. Stupid have had a very difficult time in the last 2 months, Hong Kong’s leader says. If the protest don’t end, the city is headed for an abyss. In a heated exchange she was asked who was really calling the shots. Expedition build the anger Behind These violent protests. Opposition to a proposed addition bill that would allow people to be sent to China for trial, but the protests have escalated in response to situations like this calls for an investigation into police actions are now back for the UN Human Rights age. Who is calling for piece? Chinese forces headed to the Hong Kong border Beijing has characterized the protest as riots approaching terrorism and late Tuesday night in Hong Kong, Riot police moved into the airport protesters attacking them and reports of officers using pepper spray. It’S unclear how long the Hong Kong authorities or China itself will let the situation continue or what they will do to stop it. Renee filippone CBC News London. So how is this conflict likely to play out and with an estimated 300000 Canadians in Hong Kong? What’S at stake for Canada, Gordon Holden is a former Canadian Diplomat to China. He’S been posted to Hong Kong, twice an Institute at the University of Alberta from Edmonton hi, professor nice, to see you again troop carriers moving to the Hong Kong border, President Trump in a Tweed confirm the same thing. How big of a deal is that secretary, large ones and thousands of people and now they’re not only allowing some coverage, but my portraying the capacity to respond action, which means they are probably obliged to have some measurable order to do so? Then they I take. It stand right indicated to do it themselves. Protest is hard to read the future I find, but I like an Oregon police, suppress the demonstrations or at least bring them, unto a measure of control I rather than a Devine themselves. I think that they know that direct intervention by the alarm, please what the calculation might be for China as it weighs whether or not to to more directly intervene, is it is it primarily economic? Do you think, or is there, is that a sphere of international even present ipolitics is number one, both trans International reputation and also their concerns domestically. If you have Chinese viewers watching what they there’s nothing about it, that may send the wrong signal to Chinese people. That view of the authorities people employed and they really need to keep the economy. Prime minister, Justin Trudeau, did weigh on an extremely worried, very careful and very respectful and how it deals with the protesters. What’S your interpretation of those, I think it’s appropriate to say that, and we should be indeed worried. We have more exposure than any country, except for China itself, 350,000 strong family ties. You have a lot of business flow through Hong Kong leave at a store. Unfortunately, what is that list diplomacy? No one’s going to be sailing boats at the Pearl River? I are near Hong Kong Island to deal with this country and it has the means and the will perhaps to intervene so chooses Hawkeye for China. You could even imagine some sanctions, but it’s hard to imagine it would of itself or cause them to undo what they might do country in deciding how to respond to this. Given these for escalating diplomatic dispute, we have ourselves with China and I’m talking for viewers. Of course, about the Detention of Michael Cobra to Michaels fabric, following the arrest of a sea of the CFO Hawaii weather back in December and a whole host of other things, trade-wise that have happened since our big restraints on the government. They have to consider the detainees. We also have listening and other security issues as many problems in a relationship limits to what kind of making other situations worse escalation of Demands on the demonstrators part are more direct democracy for Hong Kong is also a non-starter, so demonstrations using violence, bean bags, water cannon Or rubber bullets – those are things which we could have danced here, I’m on one side of the other resulting from the violence of the demonstration. So I think it’s important both sides, but I tried to give you full marks because she dug her heels on the extradition treaty then was forced off that that never looks good Chinese are very gently. Hong Kong is very concerned face face when she was demonstrated to not be able to hold that line. She has talked about managing demonstrations, I’m confident she’s, getting some heavy-duty instructions from Beijing to end this thing: to bring it back into control, to get the airport open to return to normalcy in Hong Kong business. Quite frankly, and business is hurting Power & politics, see more of our show by subscribing to the CBC News Channel or click the link for another video thanks for watching
U.S. President Donald Trump says China is moving troops to the border with Hong Kong following a violent day of protests at the city’s airport. As the situation deteriorates, what’s at stake for Canada and the estimated 300,000 Canadians living in the city?
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