What’s going on with China’s economy? – BBC News

What’s going on with China’s economy? – BBC News
China report its lowest price flight 23 decades. Let’S just rewind kind of economy is 42 times larger than it was in 1980s Planet, accounting for a fifth of global trade, but growth has shifted. The economy is growing by about 6.6 %, but independent whatever the tree. Pickup 2018 was China’s weakest acid 1990, but why so too did the wages of its workers, so it looks the Competitive Edge. The light from Vietnam, the Philippines, I’m Bangladesh. The China set government companies on consumers now turtles almost three times the size of the country’s annual income, feeding into the Slowdown lights flashing when it comes to the country’s economic health. Look like inside China, which makes up to 54 the economy contracted for the first time. In two years in December, then this will material prices. Some of those prices are falling as Demond ways how cold a feeling the squeeze the spending is getting up. File s retail sales are expanding at fast lowest rate in 15 years, even cosell’s time in two decades. Attleboro such numbers between Russian investors are worried, Shanghai stock market value in 2018, and, let’s not forget the trade war with the Cricket, Paris on both sides. What its impact so far has been limited. The threat escalation remains a serious risk, not just a Chinese World Trade growth, and this is the crucial Point. Any slowdown in kind of economy will have the country across the world and companies, maybe OVA
China’s economic growth is slowing down. But what’s really going on in the world’s second largest economy? Dharshini David takes a look at the figures behind the headlines for Reality Check.

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