What’s in cannabis-derived medicines? – BBC News

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What’s in cannabis-derived medicines? – BBC News
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cannabis plants contain over a hundred active chemicals known as cannabinoids most I found in the flower of the plant rather than the leaves to keep compounds THC which is psycho it produces the high which recreational uses a seeking the other is CBD cannabidiol which is not psychoactive both those compounds are used to create medicines GW Pharmaceuticals produces 300 tons of cannabis plants each year on the license from the government to produce two cannabis-derived meds one two muscle sclerosis the other childhood epilepsy here oil in Health Food Shops but it’s not pharmaceutical-grade so you can’t be certain of its strength or consistency and cannabis drugs produced in the Netherlands Canada or elsewhere or not licensed regulated medicine so that stringent clinical trials firstly should make it easier for doctors to prescribe cannabis medicines that can Play-Doh be easier to do research into the potential benefits of compounds derived cannabis and studly it should be easier to bring cannabis medicines into the UK cannabis remains an illegal Class B drug possession and dealing a cannabis of Steel criminal offenses anyone growing business at home would risk jail term
UK doctors will be able to legally prescribe medicinal cannabis to patients from the autumn.
What’s in these medicines? And what difference will the change in law make?

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