What’s Killing America’s White Men? BBC News

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What’s Killing America’s White Men? BBC News
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What’s Killing America’s White Men? BBC News
Self-Inflicted gunshot wound negative Signs of Life. Nanny 45,000 people in America die by Suicide, double the number of homicides in the last 20 years in most Western countries, but in the US stop by Nidia 3rd and that’s one particular group of Americans, quoting this Viking numbers white. Middle-Aged man just stuffed monkey and the Machine, and it’s time to get the hell out. I want to try and understand just why so many middle-aged white man on making the right noises and what the impact that is here if there was another gun there, can I catch up? How fast does a soul travel? Can I please catch up and be with him? I’Ve come to Flathead Lake in Western Montana, where kids are gathering for summer camp, but they’re, not here just for Holiday. This is a camp for grieving children, different types of losses, the most common type of losses, suicide at our count, first-year Cayenne, 18 or grieving a death of a family member by Suicide. This is the third time the Jenny, LeBaron Hasbro, had daughters, Abby and Lily, say hey and there’s a reason why people who lose someone to Suicide or three times more likely to attempt it themselves really nice to meet right? Where did he go in here fishing boat? So I just I come here and I process everything here. Looking like that place, where you can get a focus, you don’t have to explain it. What do you say California saying goodbye be strong the way I know that you are. I love you. I’M here connect with everyone and he’ll White placement have the fastest growing suicide rate in the US. I want to get behind the statistics and find out more about one of these man, one of these dads Texas, in 2014, Jenny canes Montana, to build a new life. I like that friends, what was he like when you man? Well, he was teaching in the same high school that I was teaching and I was like is rice and we started having coffee and writing letters to one another. So we fell in love with letters and to me, I think, part of the reason I was so attracted to him because he was this really strong, powerful mat and you know, but he was always a little emotionally standoffish before they met Rick had been in the Army he joined straight out of high school and within months, was deployed to Frontline Hospital during the first Gulf War. He returned to build a life which looked happy and successful. That’S under the surface, Rick was struggling. I came home and I noticed you was off. I reassured him I held him, I’m so glad I did the next morning. He drop Lily off at school and later Lily would tell me that he looked at her with really sad eyes and then walked away from her. So that’s that’s hard. He went back to the house, he called the sheriff and said this is what I’m about to do and walked out the door, took the gun with him and took his own life. He sent me a text that I love you so very much, and I know by the time that he sent me that text is the life are less than we did so I went to the house and I ran into the closet and I saw the safe Open where the guns were and believe it – and I thought there was another gun there and I thought, can I catch up? How fast does a soul travel? Can I please catch up and be with him, I’m so sorry, everybody goes back to that day or the few days before and says what could I have done? I think my tight I would have if I had any idea what he was going to do. I would not have gone to work. I would have lost my job. I would have done anything to keep him from doing that. Pocket decreased the girls are able to relax and have some fun canalakes place to come to express yourself, be yourself and accept yourself. Positive learning to deal with grief involves ago thinking about that. And how they want to remember what was he like at the.? He was the best dad, but he was still fun kind and just like, like a best friend to me at least when you find out that you with that had taken his life. Can you remember, I can’t walk out walk out for me to just kind of felt, like I was being stabbed repeatedly and my stomach and my heart, the pain that you really just can’t describe. They don’t I’m so mad at him, but my grandma’s up there. Oh, my God, from my Minecraft, why you mad at him cuz! He left never leave the biggest one, I’m just like my first boyfriend or walking me down the aisle first school dance. It’S easier that is supposed to do with you, but he’s never going to do with me in the last 20. Is suicide rates the white middle-aged man has skyrocketed, plus-size, the black and Asian Americans haven’t changed much just south of the camp is the largely White County of Missoula weather has been a 50 % increase in suicides in The Last 5 Years. I can’t missoula’s biggest event account too fast to try to understand the pressures that many facing it. The first number is B4 B4 provide for your family. What does it mean if you are not able to provide that? What about the problems that I know I mess up with mad when I’m getting he was born and raised in the county? Fontana is much different from it was when I was born in 1964. We manufactured and depended on the timber industry. That industry was largely a man’s world. It’S truck driving. It’S logging, it’s equipment, operation. If you’re a person of my generation, much of your identity is wrapped up in what you do. What what’s the first thing, you ask a stranger in a social situation. What do you do so for a very long time, the answer might have been: I’m a logger, which meant you put in a solid day of work for a reasonable weight. The end of the day you provided for your family you’ve created a product when it when I ask people what they doing was the answers are far more complex than they used to be I’m between jobs. I don’t do anything right now. What does what I was? Is what I was right in a world where you grow up with that label and that label is important and suddenly somebody tears the tag off? Who are you? But this isn’t just a Rust Belt town in Decline. Missoula’S economy is driving, but the old jobs are disappearing. A many white working-class men of feeding left behind the folks you see here today. A lot of them are going to be from places where what was the traditional Western lifestyle is still very much alive to them. That sense of self-sufficiency, and that you owe not rely on really anybody, but yourself and his boys were taught from a very young age man up toughen up. You don’t cry well when problems compiled to a point that you can’t shake it off and no way in hell, you’re going to have a conversation with another adult human being about how miserable you are. Your options start to narrow, considerably Batman and the challenges of adjusting to a changing world. If my boss is a Muslim woman, what does that mean? For me, the Missoula police on the front line at this crisis on the number of mental health and suicidal call-out, has doubled in three years. Kristen Cameron is a patrol officer with the force within seconds of being in the patrol car. Suicide-Related cool come true. It draws a lot of our resources, we’re responding to this right now to officers. The other could be crimes going on that we’re not able to respond to hey how’s it going any assistance or anything from us. No, no thoughts about harming yourself or anything like that. If, if you need anything from us anytime, I don’t want okay, I’m so he was just sleeping okay, A a person that was kind of in their front yard, holding a handgun to their head to one of the local sporting good stores and was attempting to take A firearm in order to try to harm himself himself and that’s the thing that gets mentioned it again and again: guns killing themselves with Firearms at the right for higher than the national average feeling suicidal crisis approaches and Patrick Hospital, which is coming under increasing pressure of Professional hair, you know that’s the weather, that’s just the way. This job goes as it’s just a lot of Chaos. 20 is probably average. So if I see 20 people in 48 hours, 12, 13 or 14, if you’re going to be suicidal what it’s getting, I think much worse, just in the time I’ve been working in this hospital. I think our numbers are coming up 20 or 30 % per year. Seen huge cut threat mental health budget – I won’t be too long with that stress in Montana. They want to end a life. This is likely as other Americans to have alcohol in their system. A few hours later I caught up with Brooks to talk more about that increase the risk literally loneliness and alcohol out. This crushing loneliness, loneliness brain reads: loneliness like physical pain. All they know is to then this pain is unbearable and, along with alcohol and loneliness, that’s another fact that Montana the fastest growing income inequality in the country and its in the poorest communities, the more and more people are taking their life Montana. You do if you’re rubbing shoulders with the wealthy and you are not wealthy, but makes us white middle-aged males, feel inadequate, we’re burden on people and we’re not producing in the more highlighted it is that I’ma have not the more I want in my life since arriving In Montana, I wanted to talk to one of these white middle-aged man. He would try to take their own life to stick background suicide. It’S hard to get anyone to talk to the end of my visit again. Dude. You’Ve got nothing to show for all your efforts. You’Re, just the flunky in the machine and it’s time to get the hell out and his left in his family home for the last 40 years he suffered with depression for decades. A few years ago. He was determined to take his own life with shotgun out and then I looked at the dog and said what am I going to do with the dog and then I started putting another. I started putting another Sheldon shotgun. I thought I’d have to shoot her too, and she gave me this look what it just said. What’S going on, and I just sit like this – I can’t do this life and it was just me living here, and one dog and loneliness can be kind of a terrible Taskmaster. This is a tough country to live in. I mean if you’re not a competitive and I’m not it’s not easy. The Americans like the winner, they don’t like people who aren’t winners. All our lives were given this false motion of American superiority that we’re supposed to be superhuman. You know I’m Superman, I’m Clark, Kent. You know I’ll, take I’ll rip off my shirt and I’m going to have a cape in an S-Class turn on my chest and I’m going to save the freeway. Of course we are going to most of us are just people like me. I think that a lot of people in Montana are they reach that same level of panic, because they don’t make enough money, there’s a level of Terror among people as they work longer and they fall farther and farther and further behind I’ve noticed you have a tattoo On your wrist, for when you end a sentence with a semicolon, you’re, basically saying: okay, that’s not really the end of the sentence! There’S more to come after that on my way of saying, there’s more to come after this to my life back of the grief camp. At Flathead Lake, middle-aged men in America, from my time here in Montana, is that people aren’t working at and that’s one thing that discount is trying to change okay, to seek help okay to have tough days, and when we do it’s. Okay, to ask people that we feel like are hurting asking about suicide in the cost of a side, and year of the years, has been truly life-changing for Jenny and her go and it’s given them hype sitting there with our feet in the water and I’ve looked At my two girls and I realize that life was going to be okay, but it could be good again if we can have moments like this. Where is at this incredible Lake, and we actually can have a lot fun, making a lot of memories together.
Every year, nearly 45,000 people in America kill themselves. That is more than twice the number that die in homicides, and the numbers are increasing. There is one group in particular causing this spike – white, middle aged men. India Rakusen goes to Montana, where suicide rates are double the national average, to find out what drives so many of these men to despair and taking their own lives.

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