What’s known so far about Faisal Hussain

to the gunman Now ctv’s Tracy telling his life on Thorncliffe Park Drive where he lives Tracy you have new information on the 29 year old that’s right he shall we are learning tonight that would be suspected previously investigated by police under the mental health act and police sources say that he had been called or a police rather have been called to a former high school for an incident from family and friends we get this description of the suspect Danforth shooter friendly guy you was never you never cause any violence to anyone he hog me when it comes close and love and family friends say who had mental illness but held several jobs including at this Loblaws store for the police or tell CTV News Hussein was previously investigated by Toronto police under the mental health act CP24 has confirmed he attended high school at Victoria Park and it’s 2010 made comments to school officials that led them to contact police The Source says he spoke about being the Joker from the Batman movie and talked about liking death and explosions shooting was he was this man out to to shoot somebody intentionally was it just a random act of of Pure Evil was there a mental health component to it was it a terrorist act what inspired him to do it what motivated him to do it right now I would say nothing’s off the table never ever ever ever and said they are going to help a family spokesperson said to Saenz mother lost a daughter two an accident has a son in a coma her husband has Parkinson’s and now she has to live with the guilt pain and loss from this Danforth shooting sorry for the community and sorry for the family. He had a gun talk to the chief of police I don’t have any information on how that individual came to be in possession of that gun but I am familiar with the way in which people intent on criminal and violent criminal activities can that that X obtain handguns both legally and illegally overwhelmingly they do fashion Federal Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale says the stage of the investigation which by the way is led by the Toronto Police Service there is such a no connection between that individual and National Security the motive and Toronto police say that they have completed the search warrant here at the apartment on Thorncliffe Park Drive but they are still in the process of interviewing Witnesses Gathering background information creating timeline and conducting online and Technical searches and that it will all take some time reporting live on crazy talk back to you
A source tells CTV News Toronto that the man accused in the mass shooting on Danforth Ave. was investigated by police under the Mental Health Act. Read more here: ctv.news/UchULlf

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