What’s the difference between Montreal and New York bagels?

What’s the difference between Montreal and New York bagels?
What’s the difference between Montreal and New York bagels?
Bagels have come to represent in Montreal at large and have come to be one of the three foods that represent the city of Montreal, along with smoked meat and 15, have really come to life, their bagels cuz. They know that they’re their special and they’re the best in North America and the director food programming at the Museum of Jewish month Bagels in Montreal are so iconic because of the way that they’re made they’re still made by hand and bacon a Wood-Fired oven. In the same way that they’ve been made since they were brought to Montreal – and that gives it a really really special and unique, so everything in the process of making Bagels in Montreal make them so that they’re, unlike any Bagels, you find anywhere else in North America. The origins of the bagel or in Poland, and they made way to North America with Jews immigrating to to Montreal, and the first Bagel Bakery in the city was located on Semoran Boulevard. Just south of shorts has ended up the end of an Alleyway. Where could I walk into the alleyway and Order Bagels out of a window and that Bakery would call the Montreal Bagel Bakery and open in around 1919? And it was founded by two important people in The Bagel story of Montreal, and they were indoor schlofman and Hyman. Seligmann and they respectively went on to sound Fairmount bagels and st. viateur Bagels, where we’re standing today, Montreal bagel is beautiful, saying it’s used to know that spoiled in Honey water, the honey not only lends a sweet flavor to the dough, but it also allows this beautiful Golden crust to form on the bagel after they’re baked, the trust is a little crunchy as you bite into it, and the interior is Fluffy and chewy and they’re absolutely delicious. New York Bagels so might describe in this bread with a hole in them, but generally can get a new a well-made New York Bagel the outside will be a lot chewier. There actually boiled in water that has baking soda in them, which lends snap to the crust. Once they’re baked and they’re a lot more so has montrealers were raised, eating bagels or raised I’m fine. Bagels are part of our breakfast and brunches and until you come to develop the strong attachments to Bagels close to where you choose to buy your vehicles from whether it’s a theater Fairmount
Montrealers are notoriously loyal to their bagel shops, but what is it that separates a Montreal bagel from its New York counterpart? Jewish food historian Kat Romanow reveals the secrets behind this Montreal must-eat.

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