WhatsApp hack: Spyware infected phones through app calls

WhatsApp hack: Spyware infected phones through app calls
WhatsApp hack: Spyware infected phones through app calls
Vulnerability in a popular messaging, app WhatsApp has allowed hackers to remotely install spyware on dozens of phones. The surveillance software would allow the hackers to read messages on a Target’s phone. It was installed through the app calling function, even if they use our didn’t answer their phone. The malware was reportedly developed by an Israeli company called NSO group WhatsApp, which is owned by Facebook, fix the issue and is urging all of its 1.5 billion search to update the app as a precaution. With more on this, I’m joined by a cyber-security expert Claudio Popa cutting a good to see a good morning. Airtight. Does it’s just go to show that there is nothing that can’t be hacked into? This is a global problem. This rise of the popularity of instant messaging applications mashed by the capabilities of organizations with unlimited funding is, is a bit of a concern, as the are good friends at citizen lab said in Toronto. So it’s a game of percentages, it’s a game of probabilities, and so what the NSO group and companies like that do is they focus their efforts on the most popular pieces of software and try to identify vulnerabilities that they can. They can sell that they can weaponize That they can attract to the highest bidder for and that’s what happened here, how? What can you tell us about this group is one of a handful of global organizations that specialize in making software for surveillance purposes what they say they do. Is they exclusively sell it to law enforcement bodies around the world, so they export this from Israel? This is an Israeli company. They sell it to government agencies and those government agencies pay a lot of money for this, possibly in the on what are called zero-day vulnerabilities, which means system vulnerabilities on ION, smart phones or on computers that have no fixed. Yet at the time of the sale and that’s why those the users of those devices are sitting ducks much like some of the users of WhatsApp have been up until it was updated this Monday, okay, so hang on. Are they good guys or bad guys? This is what they’re saying is: lucky we’re just making software how it’s used is up to those law enforcement bodies, those governments and whoever our confidential client far. So what they’re saying is they are not responsible for what what’s being done with their with their extremely powerful software, but a lot can be done with it and, as we seen in the news in the past couple of days, there’s been links to the Castro C-Murder And, of course, that was a tragic outcome that was facilitated by this type of software. Okay, how do consumers know if their account has been affected? And what do you recommend here is one Facebook, the owner of WhatsApp responded very quickly and very appropriately by letting a number of human rights groups know about this, letting them know that they had hatched the software and giving them additional information that they can propagate through Their channels to let the public know about this, this clear and present danger, which had not been patched up to that point. The second thing is that this software is a point to point tool, so it has to be one individual calling another. So this is a very targeted use tools. They would have to identify a lawyer or a human rights activists or some kind of an individual Targets. In other words, the public-at-large does not need to fear this, but it certainly is a concern from from an activism perspective from journalists should be concerned about this. You need to have you, have a very tight control over your phone know exactly what software is installed on? It and make sure that your automatic updates are set to on, because I still has become available. They need to be installed automatically okay, Katya Pope. I thank you so much
Cyber security expert Claudiu Popa discusses what the hackers would use the information for, and how people can protect their messages.

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