Wheelchair dance tips for new bride – BBC News

Wheelchair dance tips for new bride – BBC News
It makes Florida is fantastic about six months ago and just before I was going to get married, because I wanted to learn how to swim. A faster Alan, just left, and I’m still here, and I just met amazing group of people Las Colinas. How much to invest and Atlanta swallow couple years ago, which nothing really I never would have imagined.? The last thing I would have loved, but now I absolutely love it and I think people can quite easily know, but some people can become quite isolated socially. Sometimes it’s like to be able to have options like joining a sport straight or straight, and it’s good to meet new people.
A dance club for wheelchair users helped a bride achieve her ambition of enjoying the first dance on her wedding night.
Kirsty Capella, 27, from Birmingham, joined FreeWheelin ahead of her marriage to new husband Adam.
FreeWheelin provides dance sessions for wheelchair users and offers them a path into competition dance.
Video journalist: John Bray

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