Where Yemen’s war has stopped… for now – BBC News

Where Yemen’s war has stopped… for now – BBC News
Probably no. Heavy protection with the American forces flour. Mills, as you can see completely abandoned, destroyed in the fire government. These are the positions where yemeni government forces an emirati allies, stopped the fighting the new UN team in the city center right over see. This rare Troost is regarded as the best long time to bring peace, but it’s so fragile, so much tension. They keep telling us keep moving, moving, moving thinking, there could be anytime by the floozies and the same on the other side feels like even with a ceasefire. The suffering of videos of Yemen hasn’t stopped and yet noticed single yemeni we spoke to said they expect this truce to hold, and then the situation in Yemen will become unimaginably worse.
Six weeks ago, warring parties in Yemen began a ceasefire in the port city of Hudaydah, which is a gateway for supplies – in particular food aid – into the country.

It is one of the areas controlled by Houthi rebels, but since June had been under assault by a Saudi-led coalition backing the pro-government troops.

The desperately fragile, uncertain truce in Hudaydah continues.
But as the BBC’s Lyse Doucet reports, it has done nothing so far to ease fears of a famine.

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