Which Democratic Candidates Will Make The Cut? | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Which Democratic Candidates Will Make The Cut? | Morning Joe | MSNBC
Which Democratic Candidates Will Make The Cut? | Morning Joe | MSNBC
Joining us now Boston Globe, reporter James Kendall, with 10 candidates, so far meeting the requirements to participate in the third Democratic primary debate next month. His latest reporting for of the remaining contenders to qualify by next week’s from being a David to being a Goliath. He is now well ahead in the senate race in Colorado, or you have Jay Inslee, going back. Most likely will return and run for re-election as governor for his third term there, and I suspect that is Pres. Okay, I’m pay did nothing but the help, those chances but you’re saying – and there are several other candidates that made going to be going back to their day jobs over the next coming weeks. Tell us why the president, I think we can have another one drop out. This morning, so maybe we’re at 21, but the fact of the matter is, if you qualify for the debate under the old look at election., doesn’t change Iowa and New Hampshire in the presidential race are probably going to have their elections in February deadline to make the Third debate for the DNC rules and the last couple of weeks, Kirsten gillibrand, for example, she’s leaving everything on the field, but right now to make this Wednesday deadline or figure out the door just never going to make it so I killed hamlet in the First Act. There, but you didn’t tell us exactly who is who is going to be dropping out today, can’t say that yet best face., Elizabeth Warren or Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders have that debate because they do occupy different lanes. Are we going to have another two night debate with a chance that they’re split up again, I don’t know ABC News, as you know, is running the debate. They say: there’s 10 candidates it will everyone will be on one night on a Thursday night. Gabbert are the two who are on the cusp of making. This debate needs just these two more pools, ironically, both being on the field. He was at jury duty. Gabbard is doing her a commitment for the National Guard, her folks we’re trying to get for pools at 2 % this week in the crunch.. We’Ve only had 1 qualifying pole on Tuesday Elizabeth versus burning up there and, of course, Joe Biden returns to the states. I’Ll be with him today, events over the weekend, those three and then pretty much everyone else has you documented on the show, is the one with the energy and the momentum. I talk to Bernie’s campaign manager yesterday they’re kind of going back and forth on whether not this win or just a critical state for them. Of course, it’s a must when he won the stay by 22 points in New Hampshire, David talking to too old, too tired to whatever that she has just gotten a degree denomination of fried and doesn’t do that sound right to you, I mean for most of the Summer, hello, but in the last couple of weeks, feel like you can begin to create a narrative as to how Elizabeth Warren is. The nomination very strong presence in Iowa can clearly she does well. There translate that into New Hampshire and then it’s off to the Ballgame, and I know Joe Biden will say, but I am the electable candid, you know if you look inside the crosstabs News latest polls, people are changing your mind on whether or not Elizabeth Warren is Alive and that is a very significant development cheese. The second choice for a number of these folks who say they like someone else better and if people begin to Dropout, you can begin to watch her numbers grow and, if Joe Biden’s resting on South Carolina a long ways away, is winning Iowa and New Hampshire. Really stop that momentum, thanks for checking out MSNBC on YouTube and make sure you subscribe good morning, Joanne MSNBC thanks! So much for watching
With the deadline for the next democratic presidential debate only days away, the candidates are racing to meet donor and polling requirements to qualify. We hear from James Pindell of the Boston Globe about the candidates’ scramble to qualify for the third democratic presidential debate.
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Which Democratic Candidates Will Make The Cut? | Morning Joe | MSNBC

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