Whistleblower reports Trump convo with foreign leader l ABC News

Whistleblower reports Trump convo with foreign leader l ABC News
Whistleblower reports Trump convo with foreign leader l ABC News
Now that breaking a report about a whistleblower who reported the troubling promised President Trump may have made to a foreign leader, The Washington Post broke the story about the complaint, which is being blocked from Congress or chief justice course not appear Thomas here with what we know Right now, good morning, Pierre doing good morning at potential constitutional Showdown is escalating. With the chairman of the house, intelligence committee demanded to know more about a trump Administration and Reporting from The Washington Post at the paper claims points to the president. This morning, the Washington Post reporting that the Genesis of a whistleblower complaint allegedly involved with President promising something to a foreign leader that left the Trump Administration official unnerved and deeply concerned. The post siding to an 84 ministration officials claimed that The Whistleblower was so alarmed that he took his concerns to the inspector-general of the office of the Director of National Intelligence intelligence, Community Inspector General on August 12th. If you look at the weeks leading up to that complaint, President Trump had spoken to or had conversations with about 5 foreign leaders, most notably among them, was ABC. News is not confirm the post reporting, but we have obtained a series of letters between the office of National Intelligence and Congress, which confirms the inspector-general dean’s of whistleblowers. Complained quote of urgent concern might require notification of Congress, but those letters show that the Director of National Intelligence, after Consulting with the justice department, disagreed that the matter was urgent and concluded. His agency was under no obligation to force the matter to Congress. This is house intelligence, chairman, atomship, outraged, demanding answers and suggesting a cover-up. President of the United States of this significant showdown between Congress and US intelligence Community obtained by ABC News shift, tells Joseph Maguire the acting Director of National Intelligence that he can only conclude quote that the serious misconduct at issue involves the president of the United States for Senior White House or Administration officials just goes on to say he has Grave concerns that the administration is engaged in, quotes and unlawful effort to protect the President, George middle between the intelligence committee and the and the justice department who’s blocking who is blocking this road right Now meantime, this is moving very quickly. The inspector-general is actually going to appear before the intelligence committee this morning, what he will be allowed to say or what he will say, but I can tell you this is escalating. George would shift also promising a subpoena if he can’t get answers. Get more video show highlights and watch live event coverage click on the right over here to subscribe to our Channel and don’t forget to download the ABC News app for breaking news alerts thanks for watching
The complaint from the unnamed whistleblower about a troubling promise President Trump may have made to a foreign leader is being blocked from Congress.

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President Donald Trump is dismissing as fake news and “presidential harassment” a report that he made an unspecified promise during a phone call to a foreign leader that led to a whistleblower complaint. The government’s intelligence watchdog appeared Thursday before a House committee in a closed hearing about the complaint.

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