White House aide yells at CNN’s Jim Acosta

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White House aide yells at CNN’s Jim Acosta
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new attacks a lot of deflection and denials from the trunk Teen Wolf it seem like a fog of confusion all day long president Trump and his team are ramping up their attacks on special counsel Robert Mueller at a critical time in the Russia investigation in one of the outside attorneys Rudy Giuliani is moving the goalposts for the probe making the assertion that colluding with the Russians isn’t even a crime that’s an odd line of attack as the president has repeatedly said he is not guilty of collusion president the president using other countries screaming into the years of reporters asking questions in the Oval Office president Trump declined a weigh in on the Russia investigation at a later news conference with the Italian Prime in you feel betrayed by Michael Cohen sir a question from CNN about his former personal attorney Michael Cohen and no response and said the president unloaded in his usual safe space where there are no questions on Twitter tweeting and slamming the Russia investigation with a personal attack as a Robert Mueller rig witch-hunt I just after the president was tweeting there was no collusion his outside lawyer Rudy Giuliani was claiming on CNN that collusion isn’t a crime which I’m not even know if that’s a crime you start you start analyzing the crime asked about that the president relied on his age to drown out the question Collision Giuliani also suggested the special counsel they have a conflict in the investigation been incredibly couldn’t say what it is we are the investigation the former New York city mayor also railed against Cohen for secretly recording the president former Trump campaign chairman Paul manafort arguing the case is simply being used as leverage to take down the president and the big fish the reason it Ukrainian is a business with instead of answering questions on Russia mr. Trump return to a pet issue for his base immigration gun threatening a government shutdown if he doesn’t get what he wants that I would have no problem doing a shutdown it’s time they had proper border security with the laughing stock of the world with the worst immigration laws anywhere in the world from also made the stunning announcement that he would be willing to meet with a Ron’s leadership preconditions they want to meet on me anytime they want anytime they want good for the country good for them good for us and good for the world no precondition brother talk today on Russia insisting his son with Vladimir Putin was great and standing firm on sanctions against Moscow saying they will remain in place for the time being but walking back over giuliani’s claim that collusion is not a crime it’s a curious thing to say well that is the one Nile we heard from the president no collusion no collusion that is the one tonight we’ve heard from the president over and over again since he basically came into office.
A White House aide yelled at CNN’s Jim Acosta in the Oval Office, trying to drown out his questions to President Trump.

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