Who are this year’s most influential people? – BBC News

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Who are this year’s most influential people? – BBC News
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Who are this year’s most influential people? – BBC News
Hey I’m Frankie video. We looking at power and influence, who are the big players right now, Is Mine by argument by exam going to do that. You need smash communication. You use social media to give people shoot platforms to have huge influence throughout history depends on who has the biggest dick and who has the largest. Let’S stay away from the police station, I’m not just talkin Instagram we’re going much further than that. I’M going to tell you what Polish pottery, Kylie Jenner and Nobel Prize have to do with it and to help us pick our list of the top influences weave favors with some of the BBC’s experts. Helping out. Give Nick SpaceX on the boring company remind Rescue Mission from US Financial regulation of science. Schrodinger say: hi influence can be a really hard thing to measure in science because by Nature it’s a long process of discovery. Stepwise progress for me really stood out in Professor Donna. Strickland Belleza physicist from Canada became the first woman in more than a half-century physics Nobel Prize in physics, sportstar of 2018. Will it has to be the gymnastic Juggernaut that is Simone biles at the world championships in Doha, she claimed / 14 foster care someone in foster care herself as a young child she’s. Also, a survivor of sexual abuse and she’s worked hard to help. Those who have been affected by the same or Dave next Instagram cheat code when she said she have when she wore the dresses by 25th birthday people by making copies like this one. Here, temperature’s do my husband, sleep is like me: American style celebrities, cigarettes next music. We wanted to know the artist who has the biggest influence what planet has to be Drake. We can start with the record-breaking numbers, most streamed artists, ever 50 billion streams. What is 100 Atlantic magic talked Hollywood Insider books that she sells over the past. Nobody stands out for me if it’s, the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, have messages to young. Women have been extremely powerful she’s a mixture of having married into royalty, so she’s album, but she’s going to selling like him, she’s still fashionable and school. Just and everybody wants to know what she’s wearing what she’s doing, let’s check out Bollywood choosing unconventional roles in films, like a big ego, know where he plays a sperm donor and a man dealing with erectile dysfunction in Shamong. Us all done has helped break Stickman around. To do subjects in country on social media. Ayushman has been praised for the way he spoke openly about coming to terms with his wife’s cancer diagnosis always have the most pilot, China hugely important country in the world. Today, growing economy growing increasingly investing all over the world.
Frankie McCamley explains what Kylie Jenner, posh pottery and a Nobel Prize have to do with this year’s most influential people.

Speaking to experts in technology, politics, science, music, Bollywood, Hollywood and Instagram, Frankie compiles our alternative power hot list.

Producer: Phoebe Frieze

Presenter: Frankie McCamley

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