Who has the superior “fry”: Taco Bell or Dunkin’ Donuts? | Is it Good? with Maura Judkis

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Who has the superior “fry”: Taco Bell or Dunkin’ Donuts? | Is it Good? with Maura Judkis
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I tried to say like this is not good but it’s a good the peak of American innovation if you take any food and turn it into a french fry and that is what Dunkin Donuts and Taco Bell have done at Dunkin Donuts there are donut fries and a Taco Bell there are nacho fries and so we’re going to try both of these very creative french fries here we have a Taco Bell Nacho fries covered in a nice dusting of orange nacho seasoning in fact this is actually my first time ever having Taco Bell in my entire life I thought and hoped I would live my entire life and never having had Taco Bell but it’s part of my job description so we’re going to give them try me come with some K so very artificial cheese actually if it’s a kind of delicious the one that comes in the red bag of Nacho Doritos anime Doritos are delicious French fries are delicious cheese dip especially delicious so it’s pretty good after the French fries themselves though they’re pretty soggy they’re like the kind of steak fries they’re not very Christian would be nice if they had a little bit more Christina’s to them I mean you can’t really go wrong with cheese fries that’s what this is on its most basic level is cheese fries with some spicy seasoning dessert we’re going to try these Dunkin Donuts donut fries definitely bigger than regular fries me like steak fries deep-fried pieces of donut gel covered in cinnamon and sugar there every portable eat a donut I suppose not that Donuts aren’t already portable they’re basically churros we’re going to give them a try it’s not crispy like a churro kind of foggy actually they’re really dry unfortunately it could have a little bit more flavor I think and these are not the best it’s so dry that wouldn’t his most things are improved this way cuz with a dipping sauce some kind of cream cheese icing dipping sauce they would be good better with a dipping sauce not fries really donut fries versus nacho fries I would pick the nacho fries I got to say it’s a good combination of flavors the slightly spicy nacho seasoning achieve it all kind of comes together in a way that is very much the kind of like guilty pleasure fast food that you want right I think you’re kind of better off just eating an actual donut I’m more a dentist reporter for the Washington Post and I open to making Taco Bell part of my life now
Dunkin’ Donuts and Taco Bell have released creative takes on french fries, so The Post’s Maura Judkis tries them both in a head-to-head taste test. Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube: http://bit.ly/2qiJ4dy

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