Who Is Kirsten Gillibrand? | 2020 Presidential Candidate | NYT News

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Who Is Kirsten Gillibrand? | 2020 Presidential Candidate | NYT News
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Who Is Kirsten Gillibrand? | 2020 Presidential Candidate | NYT News
Senator lawyer, Mother children’s book author and now Democratic candidate for president Senator Kirsten gillibrand is in I’m filing an exploratory committee for president knighted states. Trump’S home state of New York, she’s joining will likely be a crowded, 20/20 Fields. Democrat for president in 2020. The list is growing in congresswoman in Albany. She fell in love early on. I was drawn into politics when I was a little girl and it was really with my grandmother who loves politics special election and is held it ever since over time. She has reverse her position on immigration and gun control, now you’re more Progressive on that you started off kind of Prosecco. I’M at now are you at from having as an aide to an F from the NRA. I recognize that there’s a lot of things I didn’t know and I should have been fighting for them before she’s now, one of the parties most reliably liberal voices, some of her priorities, a populist economic agenda, women’s race and gender equality and fighting for victims of sexual Assault with a focus on the military commander, gillibrand was the first senator in a park call for the resignation of fellow Democrat Al Franken following accusations of sexual misconduct. Enough is enough here. She is during Supreme Court Justice confirmation hearings. I want to really have dr. blasi for it’s back tomorrow, so I’m going to sleep. Not only do I support her, but I believe her. So what is her Dynamic quit President Trump, he said, he’s also referred to her as a lightweight. Who would do anything for money? She responded this way. It was a sexist smear as part of the president’s effort and name-calling, and it’s not going to silence me. Gillibrand has also voted against almost all of Trump’s major nominees. Her chances, gillibrand is seen as a serious Contender, but so far her pull numbers are low. Her next step, building a national profile and campaign
The senator from New York announced on Stephen Colbert’s show Tuesday night that she’s running for president in 2020. Ms. Gillibrand is the latest candidate to join what is expected to be a crowded Democratic primary. Here’s what you need to know about her.

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