Who was to blame for the financial crisis? – BBC News

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Who was to blame for the financial crisis? – BBC News
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the financial crisis affected everyone but who was to blame was it bro isn’t investors in the years before the financial crisis money with cheap borrowers and investors like both and Ingrid hair that is easy to borrow and scrape of the profit it seems so easy everyone wanted in including people like Chuck that’s me was it subprime mortgages Chuck live here in Cleveland Ohio before the Chuck’s city was at the center of a US housing boom his trucks house with a subprime mortgage loan me alone he couldn’t really afford to repaint 7 interest rates Windsor many people like Chuck struggle to keep off when house prices fell the bank money back a million like Chuck lost so was it the banks fault yes rules on mortgage lending were relaxed and as long as house prices rising Banks could make money even lending to people like Chuck they also borrowed to invest in complex Financial products many of them link to the same risky subprime mortgages but when the housing market knows died the banks face enormous losses some like Northern Rock and Lehman Brothers thanks stop blending and the whole financial system seized up so where were the Regulators he’s Alan Greenspan full match at the US Federal Reserve he’s been criticized for keeping interest rate too low for too long allowing the house bubble to gross when it first he said he’d made a mistake thinking the financial system could regulate itself so after the crash banking regulations were reformed lending rules with Titan making boring more difficult everyone including both Ingrid Chuck Allen leaving this bank is healthy impact
BBC Business editor Simon Jack explores who could have been to blame for the global financial crisis.

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