Why are Iranians running out of hope? BBC News

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Why are Iranians running out of hope? BBC News
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Iranians have been taken to the streets to protest but this time it’s not about lack of political freedoms it’s not about human right it’s something more fundamental it’s about fear for the future of the country who wants to get this car well this is what it raining say about the crisis Bread & Butter hot made the arrest July 2nd his shooting at that older lines becomes more and more voices 5° is Southern Iran means everything is have to use the air condition it’s a lot but all the energy needed to power them is having an effect and causing power cuts when I actually bought the Trump truck if the country’s heading to war with the US what’s up weather for today now that President Trump is backed out of evil nuclear deal are starting to snap back into place and it raining sphere that’s going to make the situation even worse what is blamed for an element’s or what they called the enemy give me the volume again Bush man
Iranians callers tell the BBC why the country has been gripped by a wave of despair.

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