Why are land mines still killing people? – BBC News

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Why are land mines still killing people? – BBC News
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Why are land mines still killing people? – BBC News
Northeast Nigeria is, and to kidnap hundreds of schoolgirls, most notorious leaving the time Chewbacca. In 2014, the number of people being killed and injured by mines and explosives in Nigeria has greatly increased according to research by the mine Advisory Group, 160 killed in the past two years. With hundreds more injured, it had a devastating impact on the region of areas of land from being farmed and it’s a family at the globe. So how many landmines are there around the world minefields? Often the deadly remnants of War? That’S behind long after the combatants have gone under international law when mine delayed, they must be mapped, so they can be safely at later. Date., You often they don’t match the lost and the process of demining can be a slow and dangerous one. In 2016, post-conflict clearance operations undertaken by taxi, such as the Halo trust destroyer of a 200000 Auntie passing out and 20,000 anti-vehicle mines around the world. But it’s hardly scratched surface of the problem. There is still an estimated 110 million anti-personnel mines still on the grind. With more being laid every year and actually conflict areas in a single year is 8000 people are killed or seriously injured many of them children. That’S almost one person killed or injured every hour of every day. That figure has risen as a result of the war could use of improvised explosive devices by non-government forces are less likely to keep a record of where these mines have been placed. 2016 had the highest number of reported cases of homemade devices being used. Look around these pipes and plants to make their explosives, so why in the world, are mines and unexploded Munitions that right across the globe and over 60 countries, it’s unknown? How contaminated Nigeria is, but mine action review reports that Boko Haram strongholds a heavily mind. It’S not a problem. It’S going to end anytime soon, at the present clearance it would still take 500 years to remove all the Barrett explosive devices around the walls.
Seventy years after land mines were invented, they remain as deadly as ever.
2017 was the second deadliest year since records began.
So where are they – and how many are left?
Reality Check takes a look.

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