Why childbirth in America is so dangerous

Why childbirth in America is so dangerous
I have to do every day with the fact there’s nothing that I can do to bring. Back. Many are shocked to learn that the u.s. not only has the worst maternal mortality rate in the entire developed world, but that these rates are on the rise. It was very possible that I wouldn’t make it the casualness by which the medical establishment Street, something like that. It’S like a second. The United States is one of very few countries in total and the only developed Nation arising maternal mortality rate members of Congress to see the women that are dying, the way that they would see their mothers and their daughters, and they are wise, as I’m sitting there. I looked down and I see the catheter coming from your bedside begin turn pink. The blood isn’t late afternoon around between 4 and 5 concerned, but curious, healthy, the baby’s healthy, seven, no CT scan and what is when we’re, begging or pleading look. Do something. Please let you can see that things are getting worse. It wasn’t till after midnight that they finally took your back for surgery. Finally, they came open the same to resident call the doctor white never seen before came through those doors down, she was gone. There was nothing they could do, savor Puerto Rico to come for that day, but then I got preeclampsia and after about 20 hours, they finally decided that we had to do.. When I was back in my room, I start having problems with fevers and they have to know you have a urinary tract infection and then, Within the hours of the home I started spiking a terrible, terrible fever. I just had a massive infection of the wound. You know the incision a mess of you know. I had an infection of the uterus at one point I stood up and then Tire incision, ripped, open and like blood started pouring now it was like a horror movie. Charles really gives everyone the opportunity to beyond the numbers. The Charles gives us the opportunity to understand the real impact that happens to others, to husbands, to families, when we were only pictures that I have a Keurig, so this isn’t exactly a cure and Langston is when she’s in that blank. My oldest son, Charles, is 4 years old. Now he said to me: Daddy, I’m ready for mommy to come out of the sky and as much as I try to explain to him that mom is not coming home and I try and rationalize with his little mind why Mommy can’t come in soccer games or Why she’s not there for the first day of school, like his other friends, mothers has a void that I’ll never be able to feel Roberto’s an hour later 2 hours later, but they might have made a little bit more effort to save her life and that she Would be here with her son’s today, that’s a difficult thing to process and that’s extremely painful
The United States has the highest rate of pregnancy-related mortality among developed nations. The stunning figures suggest that half of those deaths may have been prevented, and that black women are three to four times more likely to die than white women. Read more: https://wapo.st/2GCiXG3. Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube: https://wapo.st/2QOdcqK

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