Why Cody Wilson is Pushing for 3-D Printed Guns | NYT News

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Why Cody Wilson is Pushing for 3-D Printed Guns | NYT News
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I believe that I am championing the second amendment in the 21st century is trying to disrupt the US Firearms industry and to test the limits of the First Amendment don’t even write 30 year olds Cody Wilson is a self-described gun rights Advocate and crypto Anarchist which means he believes and decentralisation of information he’s also been labeled one of the most dangerous people in the world Eddie in the gun world to have your own ghost gun now he’s trying to let anyone down load blueprints to make guns at home First Amendment right to upload blueprints for firearms ranging from handguns to AR-15 rifles but critics say is methods are a form of open-source terrorism classic firearms will be able to slip through metal detectors guns printed about Siri members will be difficult to trace and some fear the mass production of unregulated firearms could fall into the wrong hands defense distributed first published its blueprints online and 2013 the Obama Administration order the company to pull its files but the designs had already been downloaded more than 100,000 times since then defense distributed has been embroiled in a multi-year legal battle although the Trump Administration appear to a clear the way for Wilson to publish his blueprints asthma battle is on going
Cody Wilson has pushed for the blueprints for 3-D printed guns to be widely available since he was a student at the University of Texas. Defense Distributed, the company he founded, is now at the center of a legal battle over this technology.

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