Why debates on racism play out differently in Quebec | The Weekly with Wendy Mesley

Why debates on racism play out differently in Quebec | The Weekly with Wendy Mesley
Why debates on racism play out differently in Quebec | The Weekly with Wendy Mesley
Montreal and it’s not history, that makes of English speakers, so there’s always been a big debate here about how to preserve blackface Scandal is making that debate even hotter.. We’Ll look at how the media and the politicians are spinning made a mistake is asking for forgiveness. This is pretty bad. This is not good man headlines. What’S that saying it’s a big story of the day and the premier across while ago didn’t want to talk about it. Vision here is a white coat comedian in 2014 NHL All-Star, PK Subban Quebec, New Year’s Eve special. There was some blowback here. Bill 21 advance come out against the law, but none of those parties have said that the only at least not yet here. Why? Why? The difference would think one of the reasons is because multiculturalism hearing come back as soon as kind of a foreign imported Cena, something that’s connected to Canada and possibly through the influence of the American, and I think what you have right now is a kind of an Intellectual current of Trevor of nationalism, republicanism that sees Society is kind of an organic unit, use any kind of claims by identity. Politics, As I think that’s one of the reasons why we’re seeing a Toyota bit differently here Quebec media issues. I think it is an issue. I think you probably count on one hand the number of colonists in the province who are from a visible where visible minorities. I think the other issue, though, is also it’s not just monochrome in terms of race. It’S also monochrome in terms of intellectual diversity. It’S a conservative Nationals will have the biggest Platforms in Quebec and it’s their view of multiculturalism, which is probably the most widespread. No problems pass at her Justin Trudeau hear what’s been the impact on in so I don’t think it’s going to be as big of an issue here and come back cuz it’s going to be in the rest of Canada. I think one of the reasons. Why is because the base of his support in Quebec is very different. His popularity here isn’t really tied to his mission on multiculturalism. It’S much more of a function of his position on the environment, healthy economy and we should say the faltering, a sovereignty movement. How is this influencing voters, while we’re better to looks and Trudeau Zone riding Pepino riding it’s in a culturally diverse part of Montreal and what they thought report somebody to decided to you know make you know what costume and he wasn’t thinking just came out. Chucky Laquanda. I mean if we all put the Trudeau as new p.m. you will go against the law 21 that good or bad baseray bad I’m doing now by two people with very different views on this whole debate is Eliza is part of a group of women of color Or challenging Bill 21, and if conservative pundit and a popular radio in Quebec City, which is a lot of conservative well, the first surprising thing is that Justin Trudeau is in politics. I’Ve never seen my voters supporting him, so they don’t even understand. There’S a racist thing behind that nobody see that impact and influence from the US, and obviously that came from the south do with slavery. Here does not exist. There’S no. Everybody starts as a cost. You even the black community, as you know, the he was wearing a costume. So it’s a little bit of a different perspective. He’S been spending the first week before the blackface Scandal happen, trying to say in English candidate that he’s, you know, he’s going to say he’s against everybody should wear whatever they want or he’s been trying to make sure he was not face-to-face again Premier place where to Go because the Quebec government does not want to see the federal government intervene. I can paint a true duals going to have a hard time during the debate is going to be challenged on that and his position has not been Crystal Clear, easy, yes or no going to challenge. It is yes or no. If he goes against the Quebec government, the Quebec government is very popular right now. You know close to 80 % of francophones are supporting Bill 21 and, and you know it religious neutrality. If he goes against that during the election campaign, it could be as bad as the kneecap Saint Thomas mulcair in the last federal election right now in Quebec. It’S not there’s nobody that came out very strongly and you know it’s. The campaign is still very young, but the Liberals are on top and when you’re in topping the polls, you’re always the one to beat, and they can only go down from where they are right now and that’s why I think the red. This is that man is also because they that was way too big, and it’s not normal to see the liberals so strong and go back. If you get out of the oven at Montreal, you see that they’re very weak, and actually everybody was thinking they could. You know how to get their majority here in Quebec. They could also lose badly here in Quebec. It’S not impossible that they get without side of Montreal. I want to talk to you about the the leadership campaign or that the election campaign reaction this past week about the Trudeau, blackface scandal or the lack of coverage. Perhaps what did you think watching it talks about the banality of evil? I think this is a very important issue when a segment of the population is no longer allowed to have a certain type of I mean we talked about that during the 1960’s. I dream Civil Rights Movement. I never thought I’d see the day when that would happen. In Canada, so I think I’d like to counter. I think there is a deep history of blackface. Oh Canada, with part of a Minstrel troupe performed in blackface. Callers are saying that this is about nationalism. I mean that the quebecers feel has an issue with the rest of Canada in terms of self-determination is going to become a Canada’s product, Prodigal Son position. What do you think, though, of Eric Scholars basically saying that they’re not racist right when you’re talking about fundamental rights, Charter rights, it doesn’t matter if it’s popular or not, leaders have to vote and end action to protect the rights of all people in a society, including Minorities, so the popularity of our Charter rights is, is frankly unimportant. What do you think we’ve seen all of the leaders basically come here and I’m in Mexican gummies huge support in the polls, but the other is that it’s kind of like doing the splits that they’re trying so hard to please all sides of society here in in Quebec and not alienate people might be listening outside of the province. What do you think of the Trudeau and the and Sharon others are? Are portraying these issues not just like Facebook and the rest of the world, and our image has been severely damaged by the Scandal. So I think that the leader that’s willing to take a stand and to say no Canada values, Canada into the future. You know we’re dealing with migration. We’Re dealing with climate change, diversity is increasing and the what do you think about naturalism multiculturalism in Quebec does not have a good name that way: she’s right about maybe elsewhere in Canada and among liberal groups, but four-for-four many quebecers multiculturalism means that they’re just one among Many small minorities across the country and for us were part of the 2,000 people of this country is not part of the deal that we’re in and if multiculturalism is the d-line wear one of those small communities. Out of that, I’m think you’re going to have a referendum in Quebec soon and the results are going to be quite different than those that we saw in the past. It’S having a very significant and negative impact on the lives and lived experience of Muslims, Muslim, woman and other people FaceTime who happen to be citizens of Canada and Quebec, and I think you know it’s it’s a shame is causing not only verbal abuse but also physical Abuse people are doing this, isn’t an issue, that’s specific, to go back, I mean there’s a lot of support for Bill 21 out sides or something like that. Charlottesville rally. So this is a Countrywide issue. It’S not only good for someone, probably a big
Trudeau’s blackface scandal made headlines in Canada and around the world. But the take was a lot different in Quebec. The Weekly talks to some big players with very different views on the way race relations are seen in this election campaign.

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