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Austria’s foreign minister celebrated wedding earlier this month with a very traditional ceremony in her native region and be there and teach her invitation undermine European diplomacy of handing over an invitation that I just landed on my desk here on this one the day the President Putin was Indiana I took some of the envelopes took them over to the reception was President Putin and the news and I was standing next to the president together with my fiance I said the President Putin married to you what kind cooking looked at him and looked at me and she said this is an interesting lady and you are mindful of Courage don’t pandas on comment I know that we on the continent we have to do those traditional sending girls at the age of 62 dancing schools and boys at the age of 17 and worst dancing with how do you call that an English a little Bandung down in response to the Champlin Mann bandings Island and the lady makes her happy ending down honey that is the traditional way of ending and ceremonial laws and that one who knows me do you worry about the unpredictability of President Trump and do you in a sense feel that one thing you can save present poutine Pablo predictable, I think the country of checks and balances for you all the time have elections this campaign a lot of what president Trump is doing now still doing an extra lines is happening under the Show Out of The Shadow of the midterm elections of November so in here you have a different Dynamic then in Moscow where the elections had just happened in March and the fact we all accepted that present within will remain in power after 2024 most probably so who is in charge I have less because that’s the way the u.s. is made up I just wonder whether you see now for example in political change please can actually the center of gravity might be shifting that all sense of what European values are might be changing because it was always a refreshing pragmatic extra Italy I think it would be less an issue now for adhering or not adhering to the EU parent large but it will be a lot of soul-searching you have to comply with her being an arrow country and the Hungarian self-perception is one that is well we are surrounded by peoples that have nothing to do with us we come from somewhere else and we have to stay and that this is a very strong element of the side perception because the Hungarian language has nothing but nothing to do I have pay the Wizards too many follow counterparts you can see old problems remain with us yesterday are there
Russian President Vladimir Putin attended The Austrian Foreign Minister Karin Kneissl’s wedding Last August
The wedding pictures – she insisted – were always meant to be private. They just got leaked to Russian TV.

Karin Kneissl has spent the last few weeks trying to explain to her country what the Russian president was doing at her nuptials – and why she danced with him and curtsyed.

Our diplomatic editor Mark Urban caught up with her for her first on camera interview since the Wedding.

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