Why I chose parkour over Olympic dreams – BBC News

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Why I chose parkour over Olympic dreams – BBC News
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Why I chose parkour over Olympic dreams – BBC News
I didn’t really like the mistakes. I just did it for my dad and I wouldn’t want it to make my dad proud and one day I decided to tell my dad and he said: if you would throwing competitions, you can quit gymnastics complete cuz. Otherwise, this doesn’t make sense. You know that feeling when you finally did something you wanted to do for such a long time and then finally, you that you probably won’t do it again, but you finally did it. I did it, you can try to break them and actually get really into it. With your mindset as well and commit to jumps you actually like a scared of Parker Canby, very, very mentally, I was working with celebrities and it was that jumping on the red carpet and stuff and then finally, my father was like, oh hello. I think it’s just a really know that you can also start low as a women and that the sport is actually Osa for women, because it’s a kind of gymnastics and concrete don’t compare with other people. I saw another girl doing a big jump and I was like oh, I can do that if she can do that. I can do that too. I couldn’t you should break your own jumps and that jumps from someone else.
Silke Sollfrank is a professional athlete from Germany who turned her back on gymnastics and Olympic aspirations and found parkour and fresh inspiration.

She spoke to BBC World Service about what made her change her sporting ambitions and the physical and mental challenges of parkour.

Video produced by Trystan Young

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