‘Why I fled Saudi Arabia and sought asylum in the UK’ – BBC News

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‘Why I fled Saudi Arabia and sought asylum in the UK’ – BBC News
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‘Why I fled Saudi Arabia and sought asylum in the UK’ – BBC News
What Minnesota to Indiana obituary my father controls my life due to the guardianship law or was broken the government? I can’t go back to Daddy now. Can the volume go to four others? She should be punished. Velveteen Rabbit balloon inflator family barricaded herself in a Target area and was later granted Asylum, Canada. It’S definitely not the only one Britt the world’s attention to the issue of Saudi runaway women, hundreds of them keep their families every year and seek freedom and safety in places like Canada, Australia and Europe. The reason why those women leave everything behind and take this journey, the one who doesn’t want to reveal her real name, told me she renounced it I’m secretly. Over a year ago, I was forced to practice rituals that I didn’t believe in my father controls my life due to the guardianship law, my father dictated where I lived where I started and where I traveled insulted the woman to ask for the simplest things from him. As my guardian told me, she was inspired by another Saturday, young woman who fled to Canada last year. I didn’t know I could think of society. I started researching only a month before I came to the UK, I talked to Matt on a website that house. He’s trying to claim Asylum. He helped me with everything she was on a holiday with her family in the US and decided the perfect moment to seek Asylum to be in London Heathrow Airport everywhere on Transit on the way back to town. When we reach my family went to use the toilet. I knew I had a few set up a chance to hand over note a member of the airport staff. The note said I want to seek Asylum when the police told my family. They tried to call me to make me change my mind, but I didn’t pick up. I was so afraid many of those who decide to scape use online applications and indicated website to disk Reese’s Cups, keeping track on this website. That sounds 300 Saudis who come here to seek advice on where to apply for Asylum, the easiest Escape Routes and how women can manipulate the guardianship system in order to travel woman who goes by the name, Sarah to hide her identity. She told me she’s planning to escape her family in the summer. I’Ve been planning for my skin for 5 years now. One way get married, so the husband would be my guardian. I can then find a way to use his identity and get access to the permissions website. Another ways to bribe someone in the airport or to convince my family that we talk on a holiday when the website of old who discovered the escaping, is not exclusive to women model outside so changed. His real name decided to flee Saudi because he could no longer voice his political and religious views. My dad was very strict and used to abused me physically and emotionally. To the extent I had meant has problems. I was vocal about my criticism to study government and at one point I was recorded talking about politics which could have brought my life in danger. One day my family told me that they have chosen me a life, and that day I decided I have to leave. I came to the UK and started my new life about nine out of ten. I have helped last year where women abuse is one of the main reasons why they run. Some of them have never travelled upload, so I explained to them that I’m seeking procedure from the point they apply until they get the approval, but I never give them financial support or accommodation. It was hoping to make it worse in back to tell any one of them is Dina Ali who is deported from the Philippines, as she was on her way to Astoria to see compliant. Somebody got sent back to Saudi Arabia., We lost touch and we never found out exactly what happened to them and in such cases we have to. We have to fear the worst you know in. In the cases we’ve looked at, none of the women actually resurfaced. Saudi Arabia has seen a lot of changes in the recent years. Women now can drive food and be candidates for local elections, but for some this is not enough. As long as the milk, over two years ago, women in Saudi have launched an online campaign calling to end the male guardianship the campaign. Is it still ongoing on Twitter? But not everyone agrees with how many times in the last few years, when I was there in 2016 to cover the male guardianship campaign, I met with Road elusive, who is one of the biggest Defenders of the guardianship system. When was Little, Women rights are protected by our families. Our rights are without husbands, Fathers and Sons, and there’s nothing better than this, and other women in Saudi haven’t changed their views. Consider those who are calling to end the guardianship reveals, who should be punished., now enjoy the little things like going for window shopping while living with your family or one would never want her anything here in the UK, she gets $ 50 a week from the government And cannot buy many of the things she wants. I did all of this to get the feeling that I never had before. I never had authority over my life before even the smallest of things like planning my day and deciding what to wear it’s precious. I can’t go back to Saturday now she knows that her live here could be difficult, but despite this she says she would never think of going back to the conservative Kingdom and then razzaq BBC News
Hundreds of Saudi women flee the conservative kingdom every year and run away to Western countries over allegations of domestic abuse and oppression back home.

One popular destination is the UK, where dozens seek asylum every year.

Hanan Razek met two people who explain how they risked everything to flee from Saudi Arabia.

Produced by: Dina Demrdash, Fahima Abdularahman

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