‘Why I had to leave my ultra-Orthodox family’ – BBC News

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‘Why I had to leave my ultra-Orthodox family’ – BBC News
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‘Why I had to leave my ultra-Orthodox family’ – BBC News
Imagine a world where there’s no TV, no social media, no internet at Old impact relationships are controlled. Who you see juego the whole future will decided for you. That was my life that I felt like. I said. A cult looks to the whole day as prescribed by Jewish law and Dad life away from mainstream secular society. Unfortunately, in the school I went to the used corporal punishment and my teachers would hit me on a daily basis. Pleasanton School questions are considered the form of thousand the faith which leads you to hell. We would difference and we’ve brought up to be different and was told to be proud with it, because we have chosen people and I’ll Destiny. Special language was almost exclusively Yiddish. It’S seen as a way to say breakouts from the outside world and keep us chatting only amongst ourselves. I wasn’t allowed to read any secular books, so I had to sneak into a library when nobody was seeing me and I snapped back books and hid them under my mattress. It was on the Sabbath on my friends with praying in the synagogue. I went to the supermarket and bought a ham sandwich. That was the first time the eight non-kosher food I ate it in the bathroom in the supermarket, because I couldn’t bring it back trembling. I was doing something that was huge. I knew that that was have massive invitations on my future life, and that was confirming my transition. It’S a very sophisticated system where they try to present you with philosophical arguments, to prove to you that your little tradition is the truth and that atheism has got it wrong. As soon as I announced, I no longer believe I was shunned from the community, so I couldn’t come back to the community. I had to start life in the new outside world. The first thing I did after leaving my community was to get a haircut so was very liberating because For the First Time can walk on the streets without being identified. My case and came to conclusion that I was dangerous for the spirituality of people in the community, but cause I was asking questions that they couldn’t avanza. Most of my former friends and family won’t talk to me. I’M much happier now than I was back then experiencing the freedom of the outside world is amazing. I still identifies at you. I see lots of value and being Jewish and practicing Jewish culture. I just don’t believe in the religion. Leaving a very restrictive Community is a very difficult thing: it’s not an easy journey. By would say it’s worth it
Would you be able to leave your family and friends, knowing you may never see them again, so you could follow your dreams?

That was the choice Izzy Posen, a Hasidic ultra-Orthodox Jew faced when he decided to leave his isolated religious community.

He told BBC World Service how his life has been transformed since breaking free.

Video produced by Trystan Young and Alice Porter

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