Why is there a measles outbreak in Europe? BBC News

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Why is there a measles outbreak in Europe? BBC News
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measles can cause blindness brain damage and even death cases of measles in Europe have reached the highest this decade according to the World Health Organization three years ago they would just do the 5,000 cases of the disease they were 24000 now the numbers have risen 2 full T1000 time after 6 months into the year some people think needles is just a rest for the problem like brain swelling meningitis blindness and liver problems tonight in just a few take action so why aren’t people getting vaccinated in some ways that seems may have become a victim of that maybe people aren’t seeing a serious complications of things like me and maybe then thinking this isn’t a serious disease why would I need a vaccine but couldn’t be further from the truth posted in the late 19th when gastroenterologist Andrew Wakefield made a baseless and disproven Link Between the combined measles mumps and rubella job and autism 12 children MMR vaccine May somehow be linked to Childhood behavioral issues isn’t overwhelming around well say this is completely wrong and there is nothing loads of assets to show you that is no link in socks Andrew Wakefield with latest truck off from the medical register and the Lancet withdrew the sudden said it shouldn’t have been published did add fuel to the anti-vaccination movement and the supposed to say that because of his information lots of children around the world would not vaccinated and some got measles as a consequence for the anti-vaccine movement is out as well vaccines and since the 18th century the subject was fertile ground for conspiracy theories reflecting Addis list of the government fearing it as a tool of establishment hearing people skeptical voice and I’m not hearing the important messages that putting out that vaccines, save lives have been getting safely to millions of children worldwide the World Health organisation says the measles vaccine safe more than plenty alive since the last two decades some groups distrust the government and some people simply can’t get hold of them another Community some pockets of communities in some countries well enough to provide the vaccine for all the people that need it established which resonates with many people in France Marine Le Pen of the national rally parties counts against mandatory vaccination next door and Italy where incidence of the disease has risen from a few hundred cases in 2015 to several thousand cases a year both parties in the populist Coalition pledge to relax Paxinos I promise looking likely to follow through on something cold head immunity and the population needs to have the vaccine and have been immunized in order for the community to be fully so excited while choosing not to give a child epoxy maybe an individual choice this is putting other people making them vulnerable to a disease older people that are young people leaving the mattress disease that could ultimately be faithful one of the biggest success stories of modern medicine experts say they’ve saved millions of children from devastating childhood diseases virus which I speak that’s a thousand children paralyzed around the world or small pox which would cause an estimated 2 million deaths every year if it was still around 37 people have already died from measles in the Europe region this year seven deaths that could have been prevented with a vaccine
Cases of measles in Europe have reached the highest this decade, according to the World Health Organization.
So what’s going on?

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