Why killer whales are so important

Why killer whales are so important
Why killer whales are so important
An orca Vanishing is not just the Arca Vanishing it’s an entire ecosystem. That would probably be impossible to replace it any costume with any amount of effort. So in our heart we know that we always go with me and everything else gone too and that’s just too much to bear anyways would be, I think, parallel to human cultures, which have become endangered and and languages are, are lost. As the elders dropout, the relative – and we know that law already and it this is a great great one, it would be a great loss beg to differ. I are there closer than you will ever be with your children in your parents, because they don’t they don’t leave. They stay together forever and they’ve been apart of this place. This water belong here more so than you do, literally as no other population of killer whales. On the planet that are like these ones, they know how to live perfectly in their habitat. They have a right to be here and we have a responsibility not to do things that will harm them from being able to carry out there their life trajectory. If you were seeing nature take its course hero, but at the same time we do laundry support and and and the group The Southern resident killer, whales back to a sustainable level.. We lose them. We lose that culture associated with this very stuffy population, but we also lose something that we value about our local. We lose a charismatic messenger of our local Waters, and that, for me, means we will do something fundamentally. Human
The southern resident killer whales are endangered. Why are these orcas so important? And what happens if we lose them? Killers: J pod on the brink is a CBC British Columbia original podcast about the southern resident killer whales, hosted by Gloria Macarenko. You can get it now for free at CBC Podcasts. https://www.cbc.ca/radio/podcasts/killers-j-pod-on-the-brink/index.html

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