Why MoviePass Is Losing So Much Money | NYT News

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Why MoviePass Is Losing So Much Money | NYT News
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MoviePass is a ticket subscription service for movie theaters you pay $1 a month $10 right at the moment changing and you can see a movie a day August of last year they decided that they would drastically reduced prices to boost membership drastically percent of their customers problem though are they have some very rabid movie covers in New York masea ticket cost $60 I go to movie everyday and I’m only paying $10 yep movie passes paying full price for all of the tickets to the theater owners you can see why their bank account is in April discount from theater owner there’s been a bit of old-fashioned your breath just moving too fast too quickly their plans work out but more people are going to movie especially if there’s a movie that they’re not quite sure that’s going to make sense for them to pick up the rest and burgundy movies and our Test movies
Although the subscription-based movie ticket service has three million customers, questions have been raised about the company’s viability. The New York Times’s Hollywood reporter, Brooks Barnes, explains why.

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