Why Mueller isn’t having success with Manafort

20 me now for more on this John you Deputy Assistant Attorney General under former President George W bush also presently a law professor at the University of California at Berkeley great to see you today John 40 prison time if he’s found guilty of the charges against him he’s actually quite a bit of trouble he’s been accused of tax evasion is also accused of not registering as a foreign agent he could spend several years I think up to five years prison maybe more the types of witnesses that we know about 35 of them for it’s interesting if you look at the end that Mueller’s team filed their cusing man for to send your tax evasion maybe even money laundering and soap are that is going to be was manafort intentionally hiding assets was intentionally trying to move cash around 2 okay detection by the IRS and the treasury Department what was he really doing when you spending millions of dollars on things like clothes and rugs and houses I mean he was living a lavish if you want to stay inside the swamp style but was actually diverting the cash to other things president was coordinated or working for the Trump campaign it actually puts a spotlight on what mother is really up to because all these charges as you say have to do with conduct heard well before manifold actually work for Trump so if you look at from molars perspective he’s either wanting to do one or two things one is trying to put pressure on Manna for much like they put pressure on Flynn and other people to try to get them to turn State’s evidence in cooperate or they might think that the ukrainians are somehow acting in concert with the Russians and they had a vulnerability they had found a vulnerability with manafort and they somehow used him as a kind of conduit through the Trump campaign but there’s no evidence of that and more hasn’t charged that no that would appear in this trial as you said her or the judge has actually said that nothing can be mentioned about manafort’s role in the campaign r2i has said that as well that the judge has laid down if you will the proverbial law and I’m very curious I know that there were investigations that we’re going on but it seems like there was so much out there to get on him with regard to tax evasion money-laundering about why it didn’t happen before then and that might have helped the Trump campaign to know that this is not necessarily want to talk Eric Trump campaign was back in those months between say April when he wrapped up in nomination and just after the convention in the summer regular order what if I found some of these things I think but they didn’t because they stop making things up as I went along back then to their credit once they found out once the story surface they fired manafort right away and so that’s why I think Mom is not having success with manafort cuz metaphor it wasn’t that heavily involved in the campaign doesn’t have it seems to me doesn’t have information that we know about showing some kind of conspiracy between Russian Russian German actors in alright John you we appreciate your time thank you very much
Former Deputy Assistant Attorney General John Yoo says it’s becoming more clear that Paul Manafort was not involved enough in the Trump campaign to have any information on potential Russia ties.

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