Why nude isn’t nude for women of colour – BBC News

frustration at all growing up early part of my career special in the corporate world I can never find simple things like tights for my skin tone and having something so simple like nude not represent you can feel very you know you went off to thought he wanted to create a little space in the they can create little Instagram because we didn’t have an audience in we didn’t have the Big Marketing budget at all did have amazing imagery and because of that I’ll come payment borrow because people just hadn’t seen an image like that before all of a sudden that started trending on Twitter and Instagram which meant that mainstream media picked it up and then I’ll be sleeping a woman of color myself just not that because they could see me and identified me but the products knowing it wasn’t just sort of money on marketing grab a lot of the Innovative things that happen industry Chicken in fashion industry done by Young small Brad so you take on all this risk and you try something new once we launched basically every major lingerie brand ordered from a unibead see whether we go it is terrifying a player who’s coming in on something that you’ve identified as a great area but I think we have the advantage of being Festa Market which is always burn in jumping on the trend constantly Pekingese with it might not be something that you particularly familiar with until one of the things that you really do have to get comfortable with is realizing that just because something fails doesn’t mean that you passed me or failure
Fashion brand Nubian Skin was borne out of frustration – Ade Hassan’s frustration that she couldn’t find nude tights to match her skin tone.
By creating lingerie and hosiery for a range of skin tones, and using Instagram and Twitter to spread the word, she was one of the pioneers of the “inclusive nude” fashion movement and now has customers in more than 50 countries.
Video journalist: Hannah Gelbart

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