Why people can take years to report sexual assaults – BBC News

historically there were a lot of taboos around talking about a sexual assault so many women catches themselves life is a girl in America people still don’t understand the nature of traumatic memories is normal to have fragments free memories of any experience but when we focus in on it experience and now we’re people’s careers or going to prison is it stake people get really worked up about people missing parts of their memory and they use that to attack people that’s one fear that people have that they won’t be bullied because they don’t have this perfect memory and everything’s there and it’s going to stand up to her like a repeated cross-examination I don’t know you had an experience that someplace range six months later there’s so much stigma and shame and potentially blame the kid attached to being a rape victim or being a sexual assault Survivor all right I did say no but maybe it was too late in the course of action arbitrator is someone powerful then they have really good reason to fear that nothing good will come of reporting the assault that they will come under a very strong attack from all quarters
A decades-old allegation against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, which he denies, has some asking why the accuser took so long. Two experts explain why delays in reporting are common.

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