Why people with autism love this hair stylist – BBC News

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Why people with autism love this hair stylist – BBC News
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the wheels have an effect on the corner my experience is about to get his haircut in Portsmouth where he went to settle and he had a complete meltdown cuz he couldn’t Heights High School Avila more patience and take more time out to the children really what I’m cutting their hair so it’s not an experience from you know that end with me 10 minutes Mozart and just do you mean by we can switch and told you she goes to her mouth and her go to Octonauts how she’s introduced to South Broad the Tamagotchi friends let me go and get some unique she really is unique not many hairdressers can see what she can do and I’ll take my hat off to her
A haircut can feel like a treat, but for people with autism it can be a very daunting experience.
Stylist Jenine Dixon though has customers with the condition travelling across the country for an appointment.
Eight-year-old Archie is one and, with his mum, Caroline, he used to travel 170 miles to see her in Plymouth.
They’re locals now, but they used to drive from Portsmouth just so Archie could get a trim.
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