Why President Donald Trump Might Not Fear A Dem-Controlled House | Morning Joe | MSNBC

so the Wall Street Journal editorial board is out with a new iPad this morning and title Trump’s lose the house strategy that reason part mr. Trump might not welcome but Democratic house but he also might not fear it as long as Republicans keep the Senate more than even most politicians mr. Trump always needs a foil and speaker Nancy Pelosi would be from Central political casting a democratic house would mean the end of most of mr. Trump’s agenda the last two years but Mr comes Pollo alliance with House Republicans has been in part one of convenience mr. Trump could cut deals with Democrats on Paid Family Leave Public Works pending and trade protectionism house Democrats machinery and once underway the momentum would be hard to stop but as long as he’s safe from conviction by the Senate mr. Trump might figure he could benefit from a backlash against impeachment the way Bill Clinton did the president and mr. Ben and also think a democratic house improves mr. Trump’s chances for reelection as Republicans and independents conclude he is the only barrier to a left-wing government led by a president Elizabeth Warren Howard Dean I think that’s pretty insightful actually you too I do not read the wealthy Journal op-ed I haven’t read it for 30 years that is very interesting thinking very interesting the interesting thing is what it captures is Trump’s a morality has no loyalty to anybody but himself he is so unmoored mean when you were there I think Trump maybe thinking that’s what I thought was insightfulness this is a mirror in the thinking of a sociopath basically but the actual scenario is less likely there’s a little we hate Nancy Pelosi and that’s the first thing which is to be expected from the op-ed page of the stupid she is a really smart political operative and she is smart enough to know that whatever her numbers maybe she is not unlike many people in Washington she is not driven by ego that needs to put her in front of the television or a possibility she would be a much more lower-profile is that at its 7:21 on July the 31st you know what Donald Trump’s thinking about 7:22 Trump is not a reason a reason for it I mean that it’s going to be a problem for Donald Trump a piece of the puzzle that Isn’t that cool connected to their collusion it is really clear we’re all acquainted with Trump’s and Locust in New York there is no chance that Donald Trump his total top-down command-and-control chance he didn’t know about the meeting there’s a damn good chance he sat in on one of the meetings with Russians I knew about everything that’s how you ran his campaign it was a mind right and pop operation without a ma that was going on but if you just look at the history of it it is it is true Walter that that we can go back to 2010 tea party comes in in essence relax by over-reaching relax Barack Obama in 2012 we all got elected in 94 overreached got Bill Clinton reelected in 1996 is happens all the time and in there is no doubt them for Donald Trump’s reelection Nancy Pelosi the speaker of the house is much better than a republican because right now he’s blaming the Democrats for not being able to build a wall he would swing which album is why he goes and meets with the North Koreans ask your bags of uranium to meet with him he would certainly so to play with a house Democrats and I think that you know he would change his stripes as he’s and done the weird thing about it though I think Natasha Bertrand had a wonderful line which is TV lawyers I mean people who aren’t real Liars but the juliani’s in for that matter Lanny Davis is that a mainly out there for TV this is what when you’re not sort of having a strategy for the long run and you’re just dancing for then 7:22 a.m. 7:23 a.m. tweet you’re going to do so it is clear that the Russians used social media to attack the American election but it doesn’t stop there Natasha has new reporting on how musco has now weaponize the American court system against the kremlin’s enemies she’ll take us to any reporting on that and an update on the start of Paul manafort’s criminal trial you’re watching Morning Joe will be right back see the videos around us to watch more from Morning Joe and MSNBC thanks so much for watching
The WSJ Editorial Board writes about the president’s relationship with House Republicans and why he might not be so afraid of a Democratic-led House.
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Why President Donald Trump Might Not Fear A Dem-Controlled House | Morning Joe | MSNBC

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