Why Surprise Proposal Videos Are the Worst | Internetting Season 2

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Why Surprise Proposal Videos Are the Worst | Internetting Season 2
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Why Surprise Proposal Videos Are the Worst | Internetting Season 2
So important to me so much that makes me a little bit of a monster. I hate marriage proposal, videos. I hate the proposal, video inspired by the Pixar movie. I hate the Bruno Mars Marry You proposal, flash mob hate, the one where she takes the world’s largest zipline into the proposal. I hate the one where she think she’s going to go on. The Today Show to talk about her nonprofit work, but she’s really only there to be proposed to really hate the one where the guy tricks her into thinking. That plane is crashing and then proposes. But the one where the guy stages of fake arrest of his girlfriend and the only way for her to beat the rap is to agree to marry him. Please please, Mary Mary. Will you marry me into a big surprise at sprung on just one of them? Usually a woman in a way that is so dramatic in public that it feels a little bit cursive, but the same thing that makes these videos a little gross is also what makes him so popular apart of me must love them, because every single one of them Without fail makes me cry, I hate that about them to someone so much viral video is built on these kind of surprises proposal, videos, promposal videos, College acceptance, videos, soldiers coming home videos, soldiers coming home to their dogs, videos, pregnancy announcement, gender reveal videos. This is a YouTube of vacation of dramatic irony. Everyone watches knows what’s going to happen, this surprises aren’t surprising to us. We don’t watch a viral College acceptance video to see what are the kid actually gets into college. We know they do. We want to see them know it. When you watch these videos, we tend to identify really strongly with the person whose engineering the surprise, even if only for a couple of moments, we both know something that somebody else does it. It makes us feel Brave Soldier or a man in love. It makes us feel important. It makes us feel like Harvard it’s worth asking. What this emotional surprise, p*** has in common with another car, surprised that dominates online video, the prank we inhale pranks of children and mothers and perfectly nice boyfriend and really good dogs. We prank dogs, now cats too, there’s a dark side to our obsession with these videos. Viral proposal videos often work by scaring the target before showering her with everlasting love. It creates the greatest possible emotional Whiplash for the camera and it gives us his powerful feeling of control people in the videos only ones affected. Lisa Silvestre, who studies digital culture in war, suggest that Surprise Homecoming videos produce a feeling of vicarious sacrifice. When we watch them and cries, she says we feel as if we sacrifice something to even if it’s just our own complacency, which means we might feel incredibly strong. Positive Vibes around issues that we don’t necessarily agree with a soldier’s homecoming inspires really warm and patriotic feelings about the Casey’s coming home from the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. A college acceptance video reinforces the vaguely dystopian idea that higher education is a once-in-a-lifetime privilege, not a right and a surprise proposal. Video suggested most important moment of a woman’s life is when a man chooses her for marriage. Maybe you already agree with all of those things or maybe you don’t, but you just want to feel something and that’s okay, you can keep your surprise videos and I’ll keep mine. Can Amanda edit comment and subscribe here.
Those romantic, heartwarming surprise proposal videos are actually the worst. Episode 10 of our video series.

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