Why Tech Companies are Booting Alex Jones | NYT News

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Why Tech Companies are Booting Alex Jones | NYT News
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Alex Jones is the internet’s most notorious conspiracy theorist and with his sight Infowars he’s peddled a number of dark and bizarre conspiracy theories Imperial after weeks of criticism YouTube Facebook apple and Spotify all acted to essentially erase many of his videos and post from their services in many cases the companies are saying he violated there terms regarding hate speech in a number of other rules Alex Jones today and his show dedicated nearly all four hours to what he called censorship of his platform rally together against this Global move to censor America and the planet this is something that he actually has been warning his followers because of ticky-tacky enforcement for several weeks and he sort of saw this coming I think for those who have tracked the social media policies by some of these big Tech firms today was a significant moment because these tech companies have really struggled with this dilemma of wanting to combat misinformation online but at the same time not wanting to become Arbiters of Truth can you define hate speech center tech companies have been reluctant to weigh in on a lot of these controversial speech issues but it appears after months of criticism and take out means I finally said in the case of Alex Jones at enough is enough
After months of increasing their scrutiny, tech companies have deleted content from the right-wing provocateur Alex Jones.

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