Why The Big Bang Theory leaves behind a mixed legacy

Why The Big Bang Theory leaves behind a mixed legacy
Why The Big Bang Theory leaves behind a mixed legacy
I was wondering if you could maybe teach me a little physics, spinning galaxies special. That’S not how it is like you have the introverts and extroverts in the apartments, and you just have to play with those personalities and in The Big Bang Theory. It’S really kind of only one person guess this is what we get for being with two testosterone-fueled alpha males at some point, they’re bound to lockhorns, I’m assuming these are some kind of horns they bought at Comic-Con Howard’s. He was also an engineer who really wanted to become an astronaut. So for me, like that, aligns with me, but at the same time the character sent to be a little bit more more one-dimensional, then that I wanted to be like. I wanted to be Superwoman who, but Howard was very much like he was just good at one thing and he was struggling and Social Circles who are all these people. I’M missing from the show on fundamental tasks of quantum mechanics. Tell me a little bit about the portrayal of women isn’t well representative 50/50 ratio, and it was disappointing at the beginning, but it was nice that eventually they did have women come in, but even then the women like Bernadette and Amy. They did a lot of General. Women’S science is biology. A lot of women take biology, could have had another female like now they’re all kind of love interest for the men and if they were to portray like a female scientist on her own. That would be great great representation of what it actually is. Actually, my Tessa better, not bomb Quantum interference. For me, it was actually really great to see that jargon being used in everyday TV shows and it actually almost helped to learn the jargon more is like. Oh, what’s that word and then I would look it up and it just helps me Propel forward. It almost helps my my self-esteem, maybe to kind of see that Hollywood was looking at kind of physicists and astronomers and putting them on to the big screen for us to see in that it’s not scary, to be an ER. Nowadays, it’s great to be a nerd made me realize you know it’s cool if I explore some of those things among many universes populating for Gigantic Cosmos in the hidden reality of mathematics. I’M glad you talked me into this. We work so hard. Sometimes it’s nice to have goof off and do something silly. I will be a little sad now, it’ll be really great and hopefully we’ll go out with a big bang.
The Big Bang Theory is coming to an end after 12 seasons, and has proven so popular it even topped Game of Thrones last week with 12.6 million live viewers, according to the Nielsen Company. Despite its popularity, the show was polarizing. Two science students who have been following the series share their thoughts on why it’s important the sitcom brought “nerd culture” to the forefront, but also why they think the show missed the mark.
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