Why this nurse now sells her body so her family can survive

Why this nurse now sells her body so her family can survive
We’Ve been telling you about the human toll of the political crisis in Venezuela, how Ordinary People are truly struggling just to survive as food and other supplies become more and more scares in a sign of just how desperate things have some women would normally be at work. In a doctor’s office or a law firm are now resorting to something pretty Unthinkable just to keep their families alive. He says Suarez as that story on the street corners in the main squares of Colombia’s Border City of cucuta. Venezuelan women hide the pain behind the same smiles. It’S here I meet Marisa who trembles, as she tells me his story, frustrated desperate and unable to find work in the city with one of the highest unemployment rates in Colombia. She now sells her body to feed her children back home $ 6 Batman board game with each team comes and keeping the secret is tearing her apart., bald eagle, take a Indiana casino. Do I need an experienced attorney to feed her two children and parents back in Venezuela Raisa? Well, you said you was alive with more on this. This story, which is really really heartbreaking. How you say your income, the Venezuelan border, it doesn’t seem a person. While I was surprised that said the second woman wasn’t hiding her face. I mean, I think, that you could probably out of desperation as well, that sold the world what’s really going on yeah. Absolutely. She said she in Peru who knows about it, but she said you supposed to point, but you know I’ve done everything. I’Ve tried everything I’ve knocked on, so many duels did I try to bucking restaurant. She told me so many Venezuelans coming into Columbia and in some regions, unemployment, extremely high – and so is Colombia and Venezuela fighting for jobs and so she’s been unable to get what she calls a decent job, a job where she could hold her head up high. So she said feed not just my two children, but also my parents, who are looking out to my children that I have no other option, but to do that she’s that I’ve never thought never crossed my mind and hearing time and time again. So there is an element of people letting down there. God wanting to tell us the story of people. Thanking me for letting me share the stories. Aren’T you just interviewed holler one one boy who is 19, a teenager nineteen-year-old who crossed over from Venezuela about 4-5 months ago and he laughed because he’s hiv-positive he couldn’t get any answer didn’t have any of them occasionally. The other 29f died of life and death. So people have decided that the no no that’s not the time now to hide behind the other rooms what’s happening in some people, bring my doodle blame themselves Chavez for electing. Yes, we expecting Progresso protest, a large protest, something similar to what we saw in the last. Several weeks 1, why, though, I think pulling on you to get restricted use day tomorrow, so expect launch large numbers of people from all walks of life. I interviewed middle-class family who actually made their way to Columbia, who came here to get milk and a piece of full full that children taking to the street, of course, Baker into the streets. Everyone will be taking to the streets a belonging to to the government’s Yuri. Don’T know it’s so you go out there because it’s been a positive energy trying to change, but this time she said The more than a hundred thousand people have going to a website that they’ve created to to be almost donate, to try and carry those those humans.
They used to be working professionals in Venezuela but the long running crisis is forcing women to go to Colombia to find ways for their families to survive.

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