Why Trump is targeting asylum seekers

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Why Trump is targeting asylum seekers
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Why Trump is targeting asylum seekers
President Trump’s anger at u.s. immigration laws has turned to the Asylum system. Migrants are not legitimate. Asylum-Seekers repeatedly made false claims about asylum-seekers of migrants who wants to enter the unit. Smuggler’S know how the system works. They game the system they gaming. Asylum-Seekers are not the same thing as undocumented immigrants. Asylum-Seekers are often fling turbulent political climate, economic condition and widespread violence in their home countries during a lengthy legal process, or they must prove a credible fear of persecution to be granted asylum in the United States. Trump’S Administration wants to curb the number of Asylum applications which have been on the rise in recent years. The increase coincides with record levels of violence in Central America and the lowest Refugee cap in the history of the United States. Current Refugee law to combat the increase Trump is restricting migrants to enter the country illegally. From applying for Asylum, I moved it violates both US law and international law. This cuts off one method of applying for Asylum and leaves asylum-seekers with two other options apply one’s already. Legally in the United States like on a Visa or apply to Legal Port of Entry, what is Administration is engaging in metering at ports of Entry, which limits the number of people allowed to approach The Pedestrian and scalene, forcing long lines and shoddy conditions for those who Wait with limited options left for asylum-seekers, the Trump Administration moving closer to its goal of limiting over all immigration to the United States.
President Trump is restricting the path to asylum in his quest to curb immigration into the United States. Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube: http://bit.ly/2qiJ4dy

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