Why Vancouver airport is a baggage theft hotspot

Why Vancouver airport is a baggage theft hotspot
Why Vancouver airport is a baggage theft hotspot
Scrambling to piece together, equipment for her upcoming show wasn’t part of the plan for musician Jocelyn Pettit. It had all my valuables and highly specialized music equipment, Sundance Shoes, everything I need for my livelihood really last Sunday, but it was flying home from Toronto to Vancouver International Airport. Her suitcase was nowhere to be found was watching the luggage shoot for my bag. I waited for 40 minutes and it didn’t show up as told her. They suspect she says.. He saw the suspects coming up to the baggage carousel, taking two bags and leaving and suspects is coming from the non-passenger Direction. Please bag and fled on the SkyTrain. This is a security concern. Anyone can just walk into the domestics section here at YVR without having a ticket or going through security and then just make their way into the baggage claim area and once they’re here they can go, hang out at the baggage carousel and have access to any suitcase. They want ybr, has put up these signed and put up swinging gates at some, but not all access points, and it’s not the first time this is. In 2017, a 46 year-old man was arrested in connection with its free of stolen luggage at YVR. Using the very same tactic, the RCMP says it’s putting more plain-clothed and uniformed officers at YVR to fight luggage. Sharks. Nothing has been done more than anything. I just want this to not happen to other people. Yvr says it has multiple layers of security protocol in place and it’s always looking for ways to improve, but the security measures aren’t good enough for pet was less exciting to get compensation and gearing up to perform with borrowed equipment. Tina live green, CBC News, Vancouver,
Right now, anyone can walk through the Vancouver International Airport terminal and into the domestic baggage area without having a ticket or going through security — giving them access to grab any suitcase they want.

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