Why we didn’t boycott Saudi conference – BBC News

Why we didn’t boycott Saudi conference – BBC News
How difficult a decision was it to come this year? We waited up and we felt that the importance of connecting and Connecting People to People constructive engagement was really the the kick up the consequences. If you hadn’t come to think, I don’t even think the thought of us not coming was even in the in the realm we’re married to Saudi Arabia. This is this is where our business is growing. Where were committed, we have our investors from here. So for us it wasn’t even a factor we we had to be here, we’re committed to Saudi Arabia. Will they be punished? I have no idea if they’ll be punished, but my view always been that it’s better to have a seat at the table, then to be outside the room. In fact, I think our president would say the same if you’re at the table, you could be part of the deal and I think it’s been a wonderful conference. We learned a lot we’ve seen a lot of the use highlighting the use of Saudi Arabian Youth of the there’s. A lot of talent are to be taken advantage of
The Future Investment Initiative (FII) was due to feature 150 high-profile speakers from 140 firms.

But some 40 participants are understood to have pulled out amid allegations the country was behind Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi’s killing.

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