Why You Should Vote for “Philler Weiser”

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Why You Should Vote for “Philler Weiser”
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Why You Should Vote for “Philler Weiser”
A reminder from one of our youngest supporters to fill in your ballots! Make sure to drop them off by 7 pm on Tuesday, Nov. 6!

See her first message here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=meFmmXtXZPE

Learn more: https://www.philforcolorado.com/

Phil is running in the Democratic Party primary for AG because he is optimistic about taking back our democracy in the 2018 election. He learned this optimism and the importance of protecting our democracy from his family – immigrants who survived the Holocaust. Phil knows–just like many Coloradans that he’s talked to across all 64 counties–that we can do better as a state and as a country.

Now more than ever, State AGs are the last line of defense between our rights and the overreaching executive and dysfunctional legislative branches:
➡️Fighting for Reproductive Justice–including protection of access to birth control (contraception) and abortion
➡️Standing up for Students by Taking on Betsy DeVos–including protection of campus sexual assault survivors and victims of fraud committed by for-profit colleges
➡️Protecting Access to Healthcare–including protection of key provisions of the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare), notably cost-sharing subsidies
➡️Safeguarding our Future and Battling Polluting Scott Pruitt–protecting our environment and keeping our air and water clean, including protecting the clean power plan and fuel efficiency and smog standards
➡️Protecting Worker’s Rights–including protecting workers from wage theft, worker misclassification, discrimination in the workplace, equal pay for equal work, retaliation, and upholding the right to organize
➡️Preserving National Monuments and Sacred Land–defending national monument designations and fighting plans to shrink Bears Ears and Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monuments
➡️Blocking the Travel Ban (1, 2, and 3)–defeated all 3 attempts by the Trump administration to order a Muslim Ban
➡️Defending DACA–blocked the Trump administration’s move to abolish the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program (DACA)
➡️Standing for Equality: Opposing the Transgender Military Ban–halting the discriminatory ban on transgender individuals serving in the military
➡️Questioning Trump’s Business Interests–taking action against Trump for for violating the Emoluments Clause, an anti-corruption clause in the Constitution.
➡️Battling the Opioid Crisis–investigating opioid manufacturers and distributors
➡️Serving as a Consumer Watchdog–including demanding more information on the Uber hack and filing suits after the Equifax breach to taking the FCC to court over Net Neutrality

What do Coloradans want in their state AG? True leadership that represents Colorado values:
➡️Leaders who are strong – who will fight against assaults on our freedoms
➡️Leaders who are fair – who will protect all citizens and provide equal opportunities for all
➡️Leaders who are wise – who bring common sense solutions to the challenges we face as a state and a country

The AG’s office is Colorado’s biggest law firm and requires a lot of knowledge and experience. Phil is the right person at the right time for this role.

As AG, Phil will fight for what we value by:
Standing up to this administration when it overreaches.
➡️Making our elections fairer–fighting against gerrymandering and secret dark money.
➡️Keeping our schools and kids safe from gun violence.
➡️Leading on climate change and protecting our public lands

As AG, Phil will protect opportunities for all by creating an even playing field for our rural communities in educating their kids and accessing health care.

He knows the law – at both the state and national level
➡️ Clerking for Ruth Bader Ginsburg
➡️Working for Barack Obama in the White House

He has practiced law
➡️ Leading litigation against corporate wrongdoers at the Department of Justice under two administrations (Obama and Clinton)

But most importantly, he knows how to lead, inspire and manage lawyers
➡️Serving as Dean of CU Law School, leading that large organization of several hundred people effectively and recruiting a diverse group of students and instructors.

We need Phil as our next Attorney General because he is committed to defending our freedoms, fighting for opportunities for all, and protecting our land, air, and water.

As our next Attorney General, he will make sure we do better here in Colorado and are a model for our nation.

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